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The Healing Powers of Micro-Shifting

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Hi guys, Dan here! Hope you’re all making the choice to seek abundance this month. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to visit my blog on the healing power of Micro-Shifting. If you find yourself struggling right now – whether that’s with feelings of anxiety, depression or frustration over lack of movement in any direction – you may find today’s topic of some comfort.

While we continue to face these times apart, it’s become even more important to me to share my message of healing as we tentatively enter a period of recovery. Today, I’d like to explore this journey further, with a special focus on progress through baby steps – and the healing powers of micro-shifting. 

My own journey of discovery & healing

Before micro-shifting – and the healing powers of micro-shifting – came into being, it all manifested as a result of my own journey. You could argue my story is a bit like a three-part play!

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‘Act One’ started from the ages of 16-24 where I created a lot of success while very young. I built a business with a friend’s older brother, which all went very well – until we lost everything. This swiftly moves me onto…

‘Act Two’ and my hitting rock bottom. Having built up and lost not one, but two million-dollar fortunes; I soon found myself drawn to the unthinkable. Put simply, I’d gone from driven entrepreneur with the world at his feet to deliberating over the idea of suicide in a few short years. So, what was it that kept me here? What changed my mind? Many are surprised to hear that it wasn’t the fear of death that prevented me from ending my life, but the thought of failing again!

Consciously choosing life 

While taking time to reflect on the past, the second part of my journey was spent trying to figure out how I had managed to ‘fail’. Not so that I could go on and succeed at life, but so that I could successfully end it. What had gone wrong with my model of understanding reality? How could I manifest and create outcomes that could be directed at successfully ending my life? I became so transfixed with establishing this methodology (later, the healing powers of micro-shifting), that…

‘Act Three’ of the movie sort of happened by accident! By obsessing over my findings as the days and weeks went by, I was keeping myself alive! Without realizing it, I was consciously choosing to stay put. Having made this decision, I went on to receive the late ‘surprise’ diagnosis of Asperger’s at the age of 27. Off the back of this discovery, chose to rebuild life as I knew it (as opposed to tearing it down). 

The grand finale (and finding my calling)

Moving beyond ‘Act Three’, the next part of my journey brings me to micro-shifting. I made it my mission to take that message of hope and to encourage people to dream with their eyes wide open. I wanted to become a living, breathing example of what it meant to consciously choose a purpose-driven life, and the endless possibilities that awaited as a result.

While busying my mind with establishing this methodology helped me consciously ‘survive’ those darker times, it also came from a place of quiet and my re-evaluating what success looked like to me. To this day, I’m grateful for that pause! Now, my role is to help people create and realize that space for themselves in order to find joy, and remind themselves of their reason for living. The healing powers of micro-shifting start with making that literal life-changing choice.

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees The Healing Powers of Micro-Shifting
Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

The Healing Power of Micro-shifting in practice

We all move through life one choice at a time. Some of which are safer than others. In its simplest form, micro-shifting is the baby steps we can all take to get us to our end destination (however far away that may seem). Once having consciously chosen life, everything else follows.

The healing powers of micro-shifting come from the fact that, through making these small achievable steps on a regular basis, we are embodying a winning mentality. Putting rocket science to one side for a moment, ask yourself this: what is the one small thing I can do today that shifts me in the direction of where I want to be? It could be as simple as moving your body from one part of the house to another, or telling a friend that you’re not okay. Micro-shifting represents the bear minimum of what we know we can achieve so that we may continue on the right trajectory in realizing our true potential. 

Healing comes one small step at a time, not in a giant leap

If you’re in that ‘stuck state’ and wondering how the healing powers of micro-shifting could help you, remember it’s about taking back control. One of the reasons we don’t receive something (and are prone to give up as a result) is because it’s out of alignment with where we are now. What science reveals to us about reality and the way it works is largely down to common sense. There are multiple aspects of ourselves that must come into synchronicity in order to for us to achieve anything. What we have right now, is as a result of being in harmony with what we’re feeling, what we’re thinking, and what we’re doing.

If I was to say to you: “go off and make a million dollars”, how would that make you feel?

If you felt uneasy about having that kind of money, are you even going to make it half way? Or if you were entering a new relationship, but still harbouring the pain caused by a previous partner or childhood trauma, how could you hope to hold onto that new relationship? Vibrationally, emotionally or physically.

Above all, micro-shifting allows us to baby-step our way towards the alignment that allows us to hold these experiences, reminding us through each small choice that we are all worthy of joy and abundance. 

If you’d like to learn more about the healing powers of micro-shifting, you can check out some of my past Blogs on the subject here, here and here

I also spoke on the subject during a guest spot on the Millennial to Millionaire podcast, that you can listen to by clicking on the image below…

The Healing Powers of Micro-Shifting

Thank you so much for reading this blog, from the bottom of my heart! If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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