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Hold Yourself Accountable to Achieve Your Dreams

Want to make every day count?

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Hey guys, and thanks for joining me! If you’re new here, then a very warm welcome to you. I sincerely hope that my message will help inspire and empower you to move closer to your goals. If you’ve visited before, then I trust you’re already in the process of changing your stars; remember people, it’s all about those baby steps!

Hand on heart for a moment – I truly believe that everyone is worthy of an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life (yes, even that annoying neighbor of yours)!  You’ll also hear me encourage you to ‘dream with your eyes open’ so that you may consciously own all of your decisions. Life, as you know it, is in your hands! So, what are we waiting for? In this blog, I’d like to explore how to hold yourself accountable to achieve your dreams. What do I mean by that? It’s about taking responsibility for your actions. This includes accepting (and learning to live with) the fact that we humans all make mistakes from time to time. Nobody is perfect, but by holding ourselves accountable, we become more mindful of our actions, and more deliberate in moving closer to our true calling. If you’re doing this already, then you’re on the path to righteousness (without getting overly spiritual)! Still unsure? Then please, read on…

Can you depend on yourself?

While you make yourself breakfast, dress yourself, and go to work every day, you may find that –when times get tough – you lean on the shoulders of others (we’ve all been there!) But are you able to depend on yourself? Nobody can rewrite the story for you – this much I’ve realized on my mission thus far. To make real change happen in your life, it’s down to the mind, body and spirit of you. You already look after yourself in more ways than you realize on a day-to-day basis. Yet when it comes to your actions and how the consequences play out, are you reliable enough to take ownership? Think of it this way: you are the common thread in every experience you encounter (also what’s known as the common denominator theory)! You could have twenty relationships in your life with family, friends, colleagues, the pizza delivery guy – but  it’s the change in you that will impact all of those connections at the same time!  

To make real change, change the substance of you

Hold your horses – it sounds scarier than it actually is (we’re not talking about metamorphosis here)! Let me put it this way. I believe that life is a series of relationships with people, places, things – you name it! Whether it’s the people we meet – from our life partners to the friendly bus driver – or the places we travel to, the energy from these relationships is what sets our narrative in motion. Going back to my previous point, it is of course within your power to make changes to those relationships on an individual basis. But making that change within yourself will be seen, heard and felt by everybody! Contrary to what some people may think, the only thing we have direct control over is ourselves. So, when that shift takes place within us, we’re essentially transforming the dynamics within every relationship that drives our story forward. It is within you to change how that story ends.

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Hold yourself accountable (without getting too woo-woo)

On the subject of esoterics and ‘quantum entanglement’ (without wanting to hop too far down the rabbit hole), the substance and nature of what we are is reflected within the experience of others. From energetically and then onto experientially, the change we make to ourselves will be felt to some degree within the lives and experiences of others. What I’ve found however is that it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘sexiness’ of these theories. Holding yourself accountable often starts by asking the question: ‘who am I?’ What choices am I making? How am I showing up every day? Am I an honest person? We’re quick to complain about others being dishonest, but if we’re not true to ourselves then how can we expect others to always do the same? If we don’t show up to match with the person that resonates with the people we want to be around, then this only spirals into further dishonesty.

Take responsibility for who you want to be!

Embrace the person you want to be. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Nine times out of ten, the person you’re convinced is judging you won’t even be sparing you a thought! In this day and age, we spend so much time worrying about how to do right by others, and how others perceive us. So much so that when it comes to taking care of number one, it almost feels unnatural! Without taking care of what’s inside of us first, holding ourselves accountable becomes less and less likely as we choose to live out a false narrative. If you ever feel like you’re living out someone else’s story, chances are you probably are! However big or small the change, hold yourself accountable to achieve your dreams. Only that way can you hope to make tangible progress (and take joy with you for the ride)! You’ll also learn a lot about yourself along the way, and that’s something money can’t buy.

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Your story starts here

Thanks again for reading my blog, and I hope you feel empowered to take control of your life! Change is not something that comes easily to everyone, and the journey may be long. The good thing? It doesn’t matter how quickly or how slowly you reach your end goal; consistency is key. Whether that’s manifesting better health, money, or relationships with others, it’s in your hands. So, if you’re ready to commit to that change, why not pay me another visit some time? You might want to check what’s new on the blog, or tune into my podcast ‘Do It With Dan’ with a guest list packed with coaches, trainers and healers with stories to tell. If books are your bag, you’ll find a selection of my bestselling titles here. All of these materials are designed to help you make real change! So don’t forget, mediate to anchor real change in your life and dream with your eyes open. You’ll never know what you’re truly capable of until you try!

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