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2022: How To Make Beyond Intention Paradigm Work For You

Only through action can we hold dominion over our lives

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This year’s Thanksgiving will look a little different from 2020. While the pandemic continues to hold fast as the dominant force it has become, this year we have hope – and an abundance of it! So how can you make my Beyond Intention Paradigm work for you, I hear you ask?

Due to the time we may have lost, it’s important to highlight that we also have hunger. Whether that be a hunger for new beginnings, or getting back to the things we love doing the most. As the year draws to a close, I’m already feeling grateful for 2022 and the joy I’m sure it will bring. Yet without action, there can be no change – and no embracing the joyful, abundant, purpose-driven lives we were all meant to lead. With infinite opportunities ahead, taking back control can mean making those dreams a reality – perhaps for the very first time. To help you on your way, here’s how to make my Beyond Intention Paradigm work for you in 2022.

Make my Beyond Intention Paradigm work for you  

Whether you’ve heard of my Beyond Intention Paradigm or not, you’ll likely have two questions: what the heck is it, and how can it help me?! Whether it’s stress, anxiety, anger or even procrastination connected to our professional or home lives, Beyond Intention can help alleviate those blocks.

You may be interested to know that Beyond Intention happened entirely by accident on my own journey of manifestation. I became consumed by the thought of failure, and made it my mission to make success stick around – even if that success meant calling time on my life. Yet it was through this discovery that I pummelled my mind with so much positivity that I chose life; and my Beyond Intention Paradigm can help you do that too. As a step-by-step program, Beyond Intention is designed to empower you to push past the resistance only you are facing. Each and every one of us is unique, but only you have the power to change you. Used as a tool, and Beyond Intention can help you effect that change – with no looking back.  

Every journey starts with a step

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Imagine a formula that could transport you from your ‘stuck’ place to a place of permanent joy. Apply the following steps of Beyond Intention Paradigm to your own set of challenges, and not only will the fog lift, but you’ll want to move beyond it.

STEP 1: Acceptance — We are the common denominator in our lives, if we want a definitive change then “within” is a good place to start. True power comes from accepting the power to effect real change in the direction of our life through the choices we make and accepting responsibility for the outcomes.

STEP 2: Clear — Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. Clearing is the active process of performing exercises to cut ties with the mental, emotional and often physical baggage of the past to push through loops and stuck states by transmutation as opposed to the normal practice or resistance and avoidance.

STEP 3: Gratitude — “Faith is the natural feeling of expectancy — whether for the good or the bad”, and gratitude is the most powerful tool for creating a positive expectancy. Our lives are a reflection of the things we have created by expecting them to happen and we have the power over what that narrative can be for our lives.

STEP 4: Listen — No matter what voices you read, watch or listen to, unless you learn to hear yourself you will not be able to identify where the weeds are to pull them up. Very rarely does change hold unless it is acknowledged and celebrated, and progress can be celebrated or acknowledged unless we take the time out to witness it.

Embrace a new start with Beyond Intention Paradigm

So, will you choose to take back control of your life? With Beyond Intention, not only can you hope to unlock abundance, but you’ll also find a new world of joy within your success! Whatever your end destination, you’ll find lots of content here to keep you motivated. Whether you explore my blog further, check out my bestselling titles, or catch me on my weekly podcast, you’re sure to find some inspiring stories. Social media fan? Then why not join me for one of my live events? It’s never too late to live from the heart, and dream with your eyes wide open!

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