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How Owning Your Future Can Help You Be More Present

Never underestimate the power of accountability

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While the future may still be uncertain for many moons to come, it is waiting for all of us. Tomorrow is inevitable, whatever hardship we have or haven’t endured to get there. For this reason, it can often feel that we have little to no control over how the chips fall. All too often, we ‘go with the flow’ or let things happen to us, whether out of doubt, fear, shame or blame. But how can taking responsibility for this future help us to manifest change in the present? And why does it even matter?

It’s the change we choose to effect in our current reality that has the power to alter our course. It may sound strange, but by taking ownership over our actions in the future, we are gifted with the power of the present. In this blog, we’ll explore how seeking responsibility can help us to break free of uncertainty and make choices from a place of honesty, and of power.

Overcoming our fixation with the past

Ever stopped to contemplate the origin of the obstacles we allow to obstruct our path? That overwhelming feeling of anxiety and/or self-doubt rears its ugly head for a reason. Our obsession with past events and how we let them ‘define’ us can threaten to hinder us as a result, or derail our journey altogether. By ‘blaming’ events of the past for the way we choose to act now, we are refusing to take responsibility for our present and future selves. While we mustn’t forget our past and the valuable lessons it bestows upon us, only by acknowledging our mistakes and moving forward can we hope to make any form of progress.

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Being more present in the face of uncertainty

We live through uncertain times, that much is certain! When faced with a much-altered world therefore, it would be easy to place the blame of unfolding events on others, as well as ourselves. But by living in the past and refusing to own our mistakes, or seeking to hold others accountable – we can never be fully present; in other words, we can never be wholly intentional. By using our failure as a catapult for good, we can learn from our faults and channel this into being better humans in the present. While unsettling for obvious reasons, uncertainty can also force us to re-evaluate how we live in the present moment – and not be shrouded by guilt or regret.

The different depths of ‘present’

Now focusing on the present and the change we can make within it, what does it even mean to be present? In my book Stepping Beyond Intention, I explore the many depths of present and how we can learn to both recognize and embody them; whether that’s presence within our body, with what we’re doing, with our family, with our business, our goals and our intentions. This all circles around the fact that once we’re in something, we’re in it. Only from within that moment can we then dictate what we’re going to do consciously moving forward. By being present in one or more of these ways, we wield the power to overwrite the unconscious programs that we are largely led by.

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You hold the keys of power

By handing the keys to someone else, the power to change your reality is not within your hands. Yet here’s the interesting part – while you may be giving these keys to other people, they will always be in your possession. We can cut as many copies as we like, but we’re still holding onto those keys at an unconscious level. In other words, we’re still the driver, but we’re doing it with our eyes closed. By pretending someone else is in control, we set ourselves up to fail. We allow ourselves to be slaves to the programs that resonate with the opinions of others at an unconscious level. With the co-ordinates all wrong, it’s no wonder that we hit a dead end or crash into other people!

Instead, by returning to ‘now’ and coming back to full ownership of our present, can we positively connect to the outcome that we want. We won’t get it right all the time, but accepting these failures along the way will only help us grow. Taking responsibility through the good and the bad will ultimately help us live the abundant, joyful and purpose-driven lives we truly seek.

The present is a gift – how will you use it?

It’s never too late to take ownership of your future, and I’m here to help light the way! To explore my teachings further, please peruse my blog some more, or my bestselling books can be found here. Alternatively, give my podcast ‘Do It With Dan’ a listen, where myself and my guests make it our mission to help you live the life of your dreams.

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