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How to Build Good Money Habits

Our future is dictated by our habits. “Possible” does not equal “Probable”.

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Welcome to another week over here at the Dream With Dan blog. I hope you’re all finding new ways to live, laugh and love abundantly, wherever you are in the world. Remember to keep expanding by pushing your edges, not your buttons! Today I want to speak about how build good money habits. 

Before we dive in, this was inspired by a chat I had with Rocky Lalvini over on the Richer Soul: Living a Life podcast. I encourage you to go check it out when you have a spare few minutes. It’s well worth a listen!

So how to build good money habits?

Well let me start by saying: this is not going to be one of those Top 10 Ways You Can Make Your Money Grow Faster (or whatever) articles. I’m not going to talk about different savings accounts, ISAs or 401Ks. We’re not going to chat strategies for market trading, or commodities. These are all fine and good, and they will come to you organically once you address the core issue: you!

Everything starts with our relationship to ourselves. Everything! You want to know how to build good money habits? Start by looking at your current relationship to money. 

Part of my coaching with clients involves a much more in-depth, structured way of doing this, but think of what you would write to money if it were somehow a person in your life. More specifically: a person with whom you are romantically involved. 

That’s right: write a love letter to money!

Tell it everything you love about it, how it makes you feel when you’re together, what you love doing with it and where you see you future. I know that this is weird on the face of it, but trust me; you will learn a lot about how you actually feel about money when you do this. 

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As I’m always saying: like attracts like. We therefore can not create wealth from a space of lack! If your relationship to money predominantly centers around its absence in your life then you are automatically approaching it from a place of lack. All you are going to get back from that is more lack. 

Think about it logically: if you devote most of your waking life to noticing exactly what’s missing from it – what will you experience most?

Lack! Big fat lack!!

You must know at least one person who does this. That no matter what rich, joyous, amazing opportunities they have around them; they always find a problem with it, or tell you what it’s missing. Invariably they hide behind what they would call a ‘healthy cynicism’ or ‘prudent, risk adverse attitude’ but what they’re really doing is clinging on to a shrinking iceberg. 

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Why a shrinking iceberg? Well because if you stuff cash under your mattress (or just leave it in your bank account) inflation will chip away at its value, until it’s worthless. Your money, or at least a significant proportion of it, needs to be out there working to earn above inflation – if you want it to grow. 

‘Captain Prudence’ over there, though, will likely shoot down any suggestion that you need to be apportioning capital into diverse places: crypto, stocks, precious metals and so on (that’s cause he’s secretly ‘Captain Lack’! ‘Captain Lack Sparrow of HMSS Wage Slave’).

OK, I’m poking fun at an imaginary person, but there’s really no judgement here. A lot of this is down to societal conditioning. We’re brought up to favour prudence. To ere on the side of caution when it comes to money. How many sayings would your Grandma roll out about ‘looking after the pennies and pounds will look after themselves’?!

The drip feeding of those kinds of messages, over time, simply creates stigma in adulthood and ironically produces bad money habits.

Just as this message was drip fed over time and in turn produced the money habits that you currently have, so to can you begin to introduce new messages and start to build good money habits. 

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All of your aversion to risk/change in how you manage your money, comes from your subconscious. You have built an emotional, knee-jerk response to money that no amount of conscious intervention can quell fast enough. 

Your subconscious works up to nine-million times faster than your conscious mind (because it’s designed to, by years of evolution and needing to run away from predators) and so you’ll never be able to get out ahead of it. The only solution is to bring it around and onside. Do this, and you’ll have it using all of that brain power to help you find more opportunities to make your wealth grow. 

So we need to be abundant, in order for more abundance to flow in to our experience; but that’s not an end goal.

I’m not pointing at some far off, lofty, aspirational place to get to; we can choose to start being that way whenever we want! 

I don’t mean for you to start throwing money about or being wasteful, but you can really start working to build a new relationship with your life and your environment. The easiest way to get going with this is in practicing gratitude for the small things. 

Now I delve into this a lot more in this blog article: https://dreamwithdan.com/why-you-should-have-gratitude-for-the-small-things/

Suffice it to say though: gratitude begets gratitude.

If you focus on being grateful, the universe will give you more to be grateful for. Your subconscious will start noticing more to be grateful for and before you know it: you’ll be in a state of abundance. 

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The great thing is that you can be grateful for the air you’re breathing! It doesn’t matter because the universe neither knows, nor cares, what you are being grateful for!

Once you form the habit of practicing gratitude, you’re already on the path to receiving more. You’ll start seeing things show up for you, completely out of nowhere and your subconscious (and by extension: you) will begin to build confidence in the fact that the universe has got your back.

There’s plenty out there for you and you can have it!

This internal work is a massive part of how to build good money habits, because it’s sharpening our mental ‘axe’ in preparedness for taking action – but we do still have to take it! 

Now again: we don’t want to talk about our financial desires like they are end goals that are not within our grasp yet. They are, but it’s the internal resistance that we still have to break down on the journey. That’s what my Micro 2 Millions program is all about: introducing baby-steps, rather than quantum leaps, that just keep pushing your edge without pushing your buttons. 

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This is really what I mean, when I talk about how to build good money habits. It’s not about the strategy so much as your inclination to implement it. By consistently, habitually taking steps with our finances that push the boundary of what we think is possible; we encounter little to no internal resistance. This enables us to go further while reenforcing our belief systems with the undergirding structures that will ensure that we never face a situation of lack, ever again!

There is a lot more to get to on this topic, but I have a bunch of free resources that you can use to start your journey towards financial freedom, abundance and beyond. 

If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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