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Do you Really? (Limiting Beliefs)

Are you breaking alignment with the life you desire thanks to your limiting beliefs?

Hey Dreamers, 

Back once again with my regular blog. Today we’re talking about limiting beliefs, in the context of alignment. 

You’ve heard me say it a millions times by now, I’m sure; but the key to success, in whatever endeavour you embark upon, is alignment, alignment, alignment!!

Now, never let it be said that I don’t speak from my own experiences! I’ve recently been trying to learn how to lucid dream. This is (as the name suggests) where you are able to dream, while being aware that you are dreaming, giving yourself a conscious perspective on what’s going on. 

I have been trying to master this for months by following various techniques and practices. I have been keeping a sleep journal, setting intentions before I go to sleep and all manner of weird and wonderful things. Do you know what I’ve realised, today?

I don’t actually believe in lucid dreaming!

What do I mean? I mean that, I’ve been doing all this stuff. Taking all the action and doing all the practices, but deep down I didn’t believe that it was possible. So guess what? I’m not going to be able to do it!

In my mind, vivid dreaming is as real as it gets, thanks to my current set of limiting beliefs. 

So how can I combat that “belief blockage”? Well, I can start to populate my experience with evidence to support it being real, dissolving my limiting beliefs as I go. In this instance; that’s probably the last piece of the puzzle, that has been inhibiting me from actually experiencing lucid dreaming. 

Some of you will have read my best selling book Stepping Beyond Intention and come across my Flow Funnel model. Without going into detail here (it took decades of research to develop, so there is a lot to break down): it basically illustrates the power and importance of alignment, with regards to our ability to create. 

In order for us to experience something, as a being that operates at various levels of density; the ownership of that experience has to be on every one of those levels.  I may have had the intention and set that energetically at each level of my being, following through with physical action, but if I don’t really believe that it is possible; it’s not going to show up. 

Mr. Impossible – Roger Hargreaves

This was a subconscious block, but they can happen at a number of levels. There are those for example, who go through the motions of setting the groundwork, with meditation, prayer, going to church etc… but then they don’t follow through with the necessary action (possibly because of limited beliefs or because deep down, they don’t actually want it). 

Conversely; you could take all of the physical action in the world (sign up to a fitness course, series of business seminars, new age cult, whatever…) and because they have not lain the foundations, or like me, don’t believe that it is possible – again: nada!

I’m sure there have been plenty of endeavours in your lifetime, that felt like you were just spinning your wheels and you gave up due to a lack of results. Well most likely this is because you just ‘big fat’ didn’t believe that they were possible from the get go!!

Fitness programs and gym memberships are the classic examples, right? You can turn up and go through the motions, but if you aren’t holding the experience of being thin/muscular/whatever result you want at every level; it won’t happen. You’ll start sabotaging your efforts in the gym with bad habits in the kitchen, because your subconscious is proving to you that it isn’t possible!

The other way round is even more glaringly obvious: get the membership and believe that it is possible, but don’t show up to take the action…welcome to ‘Lardy Town’!

When you reflect on the different things that you are intending and creating in your life, my invitation to you is to ask yourself:

  • Am I aligned with this experience in terms of my energy/emotional field?
  • Do I really feel the feelings associated with the  experience?
  • Can I experience those feelings now?

On that last one: the fact of the matter is that it’s only when we are able to feel them in the now, that we can experience them in the now. Why? Because we can only experience that which we are a vibrational match to, and the first point of contact that we have with our vibrational frequency is our emotions. 

Your feelings and emotions are SO important to listen to, I can’t stress this enough. They are a great way to see what you are a vibrational match to. If they don’t match the experience that you are trying to have, then guess what: you’re not going to have it! 

Of course if you don’t believe that it’s possible, then again: you’re not going to be able to witness it. There are actually physical parts of your brain with the job to shut down your ability to see things in your environment, that don’t match what you believe is possible. 

That’s why limiting beliefs have such power to suffocate our dreams. It’s also why they are such an important thing to break through. 

Given that our physical environments are just a manifestation of what is on the inside, if the ‘lens’ through which we view the world is blocked from seeing something: we are just not going to be able to have the experience. 

Action is still important guys. I don’t say all of this to lessen it as a priority. Don’t take your foot off the gas in that regard. The fact is that you can close your eyes right now and imagine yourself with a million dollars, and you will be a ‘mental millionaire’. Have a great meditation with a world-renowned guru and travel across dimensions to meet the love of your life, as an astral being; and you will have found the astral love of your life. Congratulations, when is the astral wedding? 

If, however, you want to have physical health, physical abundance, physical love: then there has to be a bridge from the inside to the outside. Alignment is that bridge. Without alignment, there is no experience to be had. 

So for me today, the lesson I have learned is that I have a gremlin lurking in there, inhibiting my belief that lucid dreaming is possible. What am I going to do about it? I am going to take the steps to create alignment in my mental field, by opening myself up to the possibility of it being true. 


By polluting my environment with evidence to that effect, so that the belief has no space to rest. All the while, continuing to do the deeper work and taking the action. 

Ask yourself today: do you really believe that, that thing you are intending to create is possible? And are you taking action and making choices in your physical world, that align with that experience?

That’s all from me today folks!

For more content from me, please check out my other blogs here. I also have my podcast that you can listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube or wherever else fine podcasts can be found. I also put out exclusive content on my YouTube channel, so be sure to head on over and subscribe!!

My love to you all. Keep dreaming with your eyes open and have an amazing day!

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