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Have You Forgotten How Good it Feels, to Feel Good?

It’s time to break you addiction to feeling crap!

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Greetings everyone. 

It’s nearly the weekend (or very possibly it is the weekend, depending on where you are in the world). 

Are you someone who lives for the weekend? Are you giddy with glee once 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon hits and you can high-tail it out of the office? Is the dopamine high of Friday very quickly replaced with the crushing low of Monday morning, or even a dread-filled Sunday evening?

You my friend, have an addiction!

Yep. You can absolutely become addicted to misery. Not just of the nine-to-five, because that isn’t in and of itself miserable, or at least: it doesn’t have to be. No! It’s because you’ve carved a responsibility-free rut for yourself and made your nest of excuses. 

But I have to keep a roof over my head Daniel!” “I have to provide for my kids!” “How else am I supposed to put food on the table?!” 

Yeah yeah, these may all seem like valid reasons for staying in the job you hate, but they are (I’m sorry to say) just excuses. Is that harsh? Maybe, but it’s the truth!

Don’t get me wrong; your responsibility is to your kids and loved ones, absolutely, but part of that responsibility is in showing up as the very best version of yourself that you can be! Showing up with integrity and authenticity, not dragging yourself around all the time, belly-aching about all of the things that are keeping you from your joy. 

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Everyone has the capacity to realise their abundance. You know that you have it within you to go out and achieve your dreams. Think about it: why else would they be your dreams? They have to come from somewhere, right? This is also why you probably bristle every time someone pulls you up on your inaction. Deep down, you know they’re right! 

This situation is not, of course, unique to this scenario. People stay in  relationships that they shouldn’t, or hanging out with friends they outgrew years ago. The upshot is the same: we’ve gotten so used to feeling like junk, that we’ve forgotten how good it feels, to feel good!! We so often let ourselves get lost in the illusion that, that’s how it has to be every day.

You all know this stuff already, but the narratives that we give ourselves stand in the way of our spiritual and heart coherence. Those narratives generate belief systems, those systems impact our emotional state and those in turn dictate our actions. 

So what’s the solution? 

Well firstly; don’t fight it. Yeah I know, seems counter-intuitive, but don’t forget that what we resist persists. Give something energy, even negative energy and it will simply grow. 

“I’m not going to think about him/her, they broke my heart”

Sure…how’s that working out for you? 

Every thought comes to life through our attention and awareness. This is not my way of telling you to pretend like these things are not there. Quite the opposite in fact, but the intention behind keeping something in our consciousness needs to shift, as do the choices we make going forward. 

I’d suggest that you give yourself an hour. Set an alarm and just let yourself sit with your story of limiting beliefs, observe it, listen to it and don’t judge it. No pressure to change it, nothing. Then for the following hour, just do something fun! Watch a show you love, go for a walk somewhere beautiful, chat to a friend who makes you laugh whatever… The discipline of this will start to shift your thought patterns and offer you a new level of objectivity. From your new found vantage point, you will be able to make better decisions in alignment with your desired life. 

One of my mentors, the great David Neagle, tells a story of how the opportunity to triple his income had been in his life for two years already, by the time he realised it. What changed? He did! His narrative around what was possible shifted, and that allowed him to see said opportunity and act on it. 

A lot of us like to hide behind the idea that we can only create so much wealth, or that we can only attract a certain type of people into our lives. We have to move beyond that. In order to do that we have to truly know ourselves and our desires, which means really tuning in and listening to our hearts. I have tools for doing that in my programs, or you can check out the amazing work done by my friends at www.heartspeak.com but find a way to really commune with yourself.

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Then comes the work (meditation, breath work, guided visualisations etc…) to create the positive mindset in alignment with your truly desired outcome. Not just so you can feel good, then go right back to where you were! So that you literally become aligned energetically with your desires and can start to move beyond your story. 

Again: this is not about deluding yourself into pretending that everything is ok. It’s about saying to yourself, regardless of how things look on the outside, I am going to create it to be ok, because I have chosen to do so. 

That’s when things change. None of us are more special than the other. We all have the capacity to do this, but it starts with know it, owning it and then moving beyond it. 

That’ll do it for today! Have a great weekend 😉

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