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Don’t Change The Recipe

Is your guacamole perfect?

Hey guys, bit of a weird one today, but stick with me…

I was making guacamole today, a nice big bowl for lunch, completely from scratch (my Mother always insisted that my siblings and I be fully domesticated, which involved being competent in the kitchen) and I had the sudden urge to add something new to it. 

Now don’t ask me why, but I was following a recipe for this. Guacamole isn’t really something that someone who has just boasted about his gastronomic proficiency, should need a recipe for. Nevertheless; there I was, when suddenly I had the urge to start ‘improving’ on it. 

But it’s guacamole! It’s perfect as it is right? I mean how old is this dish?! How many awesome, amazing generations of people, first in Mexico and then throughout the entire world, have made this dish? But Dan’s gonna make it better! 

It reminded me of a concept that I have spoken about before, called: “The Game of Life, and How To Bake it.” Basically this focuses on the idea that there is an optimal way for us to create our life and how it should unfold. Now this also speaks to my thoughts on Tarot card readings, predictions and stuff like that; but basically the idea is that there is an optimal path already laid out for you. There is a path already set in stone, that once we can tap into it we can see, but otherwise: have to take for granted. 

This is kinda like having to follow a recipe (again: stick with me). 

How many times, especially when we are young, do we look at the instructions given to us by those who have come before, and the first thought we have is to try and do it better? We think that we can do it our way, without having the full picture of the experience. 

Please don’t misunderstand me here. I am not talking about being a slave or not thinking creatively. I just want to highlight those times when, even though we know that something works; within ourselves we try to over cook it, rather than keeping things simple.  


What I invite you to do (with this little “Dangent” that I have found myself on today) is to interrogate as best you can, a path or set of instructions (recipe in this case) to see if it is indeed the optimal one. Once you have established that it is, be that through the guidance of others, looking at testimonials or crunching the numbers: stick to the plan! 

Always have an open mind and heart of course, but I’m willing to bet that most times in your life that you have tried to jump in to a process and interject with your own ideas for improvement, they have not worked. In fact they’ve probably just ended up wasting more time than anything else.    

So do your due diligence! Ask questions and seek guidance before embarking upon an endeavour, but once to choose a path; stick to it, follow it and don’t try to mix up the recipe. Have faith in the process. 

My love to you all. Keep dreaming with your eyes open and have an amazing day!

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