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Here’s Why You Should Stop Meditating Right Now

Don’t let the ‘woo woo’ bring you down

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Meditation, we’ve all tried it. Whether it’s rolling out the mat at the start of a busy day, grabbing ten minutes of fresh air on a solitary walk, or sipping our favourite herbal tea while watching the world go by. You may even have downloaded an app or read a book on the art of meditation, and how best to integrate this practice into your daily life. Why? Because it has the power to help you de-compress, re-focus and let go of the anxiety that often threatens to railroad your day. What’s not to love about that? Yet while this may all sound good and groovy, how is meditation going to help you live the abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life you truly seek? In this blog, I’m going to share my reasons why you should stop meditating right now.

We don’t need magic to manifest change

Like with every ‘trending’ workout or mindset, have you ever wondered whether you’re in fact meditating for meditation’s sake? While you may have approached this practice with good intentions, it’s easy to get lost in the esoterics and magic of meditation; it’s also just as easy to be ‘led’ by the next meditation guru on how you should practice mindfulness. In actual fact, there is no right or wrong way to do this. We all tread a unique path! So, take a moment to ask yourself: what was my life like before I started meditating? What were the things that truly got in my way? Believe it or not, meditation could be adding to that pile as just another form of distraction. Even if you find yourself in a better state than before, it could just be the one thing that’s still holding you back from making real change.

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You wield the power to change your behavior

Why should you stop meditating right now? You could spend two, three, four hours a day meditating religiously – to become the ‘best you’ you can be – but nothing would change. So, when I say stop meditating, what I really mean to say is: have the courage to take it one step further! The journey doesn’t stop there, and the ability to manifest new outcomes is in your hands.  If we want to effect change within our lives, there’s not going to be a change of circumstance without a change in behaviour. By taking the power created through meditation, holding onto it, and translating it to changes in our behaviour, new causation automatically results in a new effect.

Why you should stop meditating and start creating

The truth is that we are all creating all of the time, we just fail to see it. As first explored by mathematician and physicist Thomas Young with his ‘double-slit experiment’ in the 1800s, when there is an observer expecting an outcome, it happens. But what if there was no observer expecting that outcome? It would still happen. There is an interesting question to be asked here regarding our role as the ‘observer’ in this equation, and how matter takes shape or is manifested before us. As the majority of our internal programming runs on the unconscious mind, it’s likely that the observers within us also exist at an unconscious level.

This leads me onto intentionality. For me, this is about where the creation begins. It’s about breaking away from whatever is happening unconsciously, and consciously stepping into the driver’s seat to have the power over the things we observe in our lives.

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From meditation to Stepping Beyond Intention

In my book Stepping Beyond Intention, I explore how we can effect change on a consistent basis with my Beyond Intention Paradigm. Here, I invite readers to step into agency and learn to accept responsibility for their outcomes. If we’re able to effect change, but we’re still in a place of ‘passing the buck’, much of that success gets left on the table. While this approach does set us up for the win, it also sets us up for loss. We all fall down from time to time, but it’s not something to be ashamed of. Even if a situation is clearly not our fault, by actively looking for our contribution, we are doing so from a place of honesty. It’s an empowered perspective of all those experiences, and realization that ‘I drove me here’ when the going gets tough.

So, if you’re willing to show up, hold yourself accountable, and take control of your meditative powers to help shape that new path, you’re already half way there.

Stop meditating to effect real change

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