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The Money Game Explained

What is The Money Game all about? Can you really create money out of thin air?

Hey everyone. I hope you are all staying safe and continuing to live your best lives, wherever you find yourself in the world. 

Today’s blog is all about my Money Game and what it is designed to do for you (aside from creating money of course). 

Now before I go into that, I encourage you to go check it out in full by clicking HERE. I’ve had some incredible results reported back to me, by those who have played the game. There is so much to be gained by giving it a go and committing to the (very easy) process. 

By the way: there is a really important reason why it’s called a ‘game’ and not a ‘program’ or ‘class’, but more on that later. 

So The Money Game is, at its core, all about showing your subconscious proof that you can manifest wealth out of nowhere. It enables you to build a stable base of reenforced beliefs, that support you in creating abundance (For more on the importance of Belief Systems please check out my recent blog on the subject HERE). 

When we play The Money Game our macro aim is to dismantle the stories that we have been telling ourselves, around our ability to attract money and create new ones at a deep, subconscious level. We do this by focussing on easy, simple micro goals that are designed to first identify your ‘edge’ and then push and stretch it, without overwhelming your subconscious. 

What do I mean by your ‘edge’? This is the amount of money that you are able to call into your physical experience, without working to create it. We all have one, even if it is a penny. The amount really doesn’t matter at all. It’s not about proving to yourself just how much of a tycoon you are, it’s about pulling back the curtain on where you are at, at an unconscious level; so that you know where you are starting from. 

Once we have our ‘edge’ The Money Game lays out simple rules for how to incrementally push our edge out, until we are able to manifest wealth and abundance with no limits. 

Another important aspect of The Money Game is getting your mind hyper aware of all the wealth that comes to you daily anyway. I’ve spoken about this before; but your mind will literally block you from witnessing things that don’t conform to your belief systems. What we seek to do here, is bring your awareness to all of the wealth available to you, in the here & now! By way of an example; it is quite common for people to receive gifts or coupons, to the same value of what they asked for, or more. 

When this happens, or when any amount shows up for us; we celebrate it as a win regardless. Why? Because, once again; the amount is almost irrelevant! This is about instilling a new narrative in your mind around wealth creation. 

It is important to stress as well that; this is not a high-pressure, time-sensitive process. You go at your own pace and work within your own parameters. It’s about pushing your edge and NOT your buttons. 

This is why it is a ‘game’ (told you we’d come back to this). Part of the intention setting we do, is to receive the amounts we ask for in an ‘easy and playful way’. This is key to how we want to structure our mindset, going forward, because we want to create the least amount of resistance possible, to the changes that we want to start seeing. 

As part of my Micro 2 Millions Facebook Community you will also be given support by other members and a free, safe venue in which to share your wins. We also hold regular Five Day Money Game Challenges designed to harness the energy of the collective in creating wealth and abundance. It’s powerful stuff guys, but it starts with you and breaking down the stories you have around spontaneous wealth creation (as we touched on in yesterday’s blog).


So that’s all for today folks. I encourage you to check out The Money Game and come join us for the next Five Day Money Game Challenge!

For more content from me, please check out my other blogs here. I also have my podcast that you can listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube or wherever else fine podcasts can be found. I also put out exclusive content on my YouTube channel, so be sure to head on over and subscribe!!

My love to you all. Keep dreaming with your eyes open and have an amazing day!

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