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How Gratitude Can Help You Live With Joy

Why we shouldn’t underestimate the magic of gratitude  

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What is gratitude to you? If it’s feeling thankful for the success you’ve manifested in your life, hats off to you! Gratitude, in many ways, is a celebratory emotion – that sigh of relief once your hard work finally pays off. For many of us, gratitude is also about taking a pause to think about what counts in a world full of unknowns. Whether that be small acts of kindness from a neighbor, the much-needed words of an old friend, or feeling grateful for your good health. For this reason, gratitude holds more power than we realize. By choosing to embody it, we can use it as a tool to propel us into our desired reality. Learn how gratitude can help you live with joy, and you may wish to embrace it sooner rather than later.

What are you thankful for? Use that as your power!

No doubt about it, the past two years have been tough on the majority of humans walking this earth! Yet through this shared global challenge, it has also brought us closer. With travel plans postponed, social lives on hold, and many of us confined to the four walls of home, we have become more mindful of the life happening in front of us. Feeling grateful for a home-cooked meal or that our children are happy just to attend school has been enough to transform our mindset, and embrace the joy in the simpler things. Like gratitude, the pure feeling of joy stems from childhood. Joy is the natural way of things – and something that children naturally gravitate towards. If you think about it, choosing not to feel joy is hard work! However big or small, think about what you’re thankful for, and channel that energy into manifesting your version of success.

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Shining a light on negative experiences

Without negative experiences, we can’t feel gratitude. While that may ring true for some of us, it’s not the only route gratitude can help you live with joy. Yet, for those having recently surfaced from such an event, gratitude will likely have played a role in helping them return to joy. Gratitude, for many of us, has been the light at the end of the tunnel. It has reminded us to put one foot in front of the other, helping us adjust to the challenges of the times. In many ways, without these periods of growth, gratitude can not be embodied as powerfully as it could without them. Gratitude invites us to look at the bigger picture and not be consumed by the trivial expectations of others – whether that be our social media feeds – or even those of our own peers. With every lesson learnt through every bad experience, gratitude helps us bounce back stronger and see things for what they truly are.

Connecting to your future through gratitude

While gratitude can help you live with joy, its transformative powers can also connect you with the future. By letting go of fear and embracing the idea of success, we are more likely to set a course towards it. As something we’re used to feeling after we’ve completed our goal, this may sound a little strange at first! Yet by feeling gratitude for that desired outcome before we experience it, we can use it to drive us closer to our end destination. Want to lose weight? Buy the suit now. As Step three in my Beyond Intention Paradigm, ‘Gratitude’ is about creating that positive expectation (of what we desire to experience). By expecting the reality of our success to arrive, it will more than likely come to fruition. Learn to foster gratitude at this early stage, and that level of certainty around our success will more than likely increase.

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How gratitude can help you live with joy

However you choose to feel gratitude this Thanksgiving holiday, I hope it brings you happiness! A joyful, abundant, purpose-driven life is within your grasp if you just take the time to see it. So why not dream with your eyes open? In the meantime, you’ve come to the right place for guidance on your journey to expansion. You may choose to read more articles like this by exploring my blog further, or why not tune into my podcasts ‘Do It With Dan’ or ‘Beyond Success’ – updated once a week! To delve into my practice further, my bestselling books are a great place to start. However you wish to continue your self-discovery, I’m here to support you along the way.

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