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Dream With Your Eyes Open And Good Fortune Will Follow

You are the hero of your own success

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With Thanksgiving having come and gone, 2021 has certainly been about putting things into perspective. Above all things, good health – and the health of family and friends – undoubtedly comes first. Yet this year has also taught us that life is too short; one moment we’re here, the next we are gone. In other words, no matter how much passion, drive or money we may have, time waits for no one. Resistance is also present in the form of guilt and ‘impostor syndrome’. Whether we feel guilty for putting our happiness first when others depend on us, or we suddenly feel we’re unworthy of our success. So, what if you approached 2022 with a different philosophy? What if you used the things you hold most dear as your drive for building that success? Learn to dream with your eyes open, and you can invite those dreams into your physical reality.

What it means to dream with your eyes wide open

Dreams are what make us the curious beings we are – but are even better when they start to take real physical shape. As the saying goes: ‘there is no growth without change.’ We could dream ‘til the cows come home about the perfect life, but until we choose to place action behind our intentions, they will forever lie dormant. So, what exactly does it mean to dream with your eyes open? Ultimately, dreaming with your eyes open is making the commitment to make that desire real. It’s also understanding that only you have the power to do so! All too often we distract ourselves by blaming others for our lack of progress, when in reality we (and only we) are in the driving seat.

To dream with your eyes open is to ask yourself: is this just escapism, or is this something I wish to make real in my life? It can be, at times, a tough question to answer. Yet only through finding that answer may we begin on our journey.

You are the only one who can do it

We all get lucky from time to time, but if we wish to manifest success (and for that success to stick around) we have to take responsibility. Holding ourselves accountable, even when the going gets tough, is to acknowledge that we are in control. Nobody else! Whether consciously or unconsciously, the actions we have taken have led us to this point. The road may have been tough, but through celebrating that journey and moving onto the next chapter can we hope to make progress. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but that’s the only way we can grow and expand.

At times, it may feel others have had their good fortune handed to them on a plate. But at some point down the line, there has to have been choice, and there has to have been action.

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It doesn’t take a superhero…

To dream with your eyes open may feel like you’re taking on the world – especially given all the unknowns that come with that decision! Yet by having that belief in yourself, you can take back control of your own narrative. Similarly, it’s also important to remember that change – whether minuscule or monumental – does not happen overnight; slow and steady most definitely wins the race. By taking it one step at a time, we are laying the breadcrumbs. And before long, that destination will suddenly appear quite real on the horizon.

By connecting on an emotional level to our own idea of good fortune, it is more likely to grace our presence. Having this leverage over ourselves can help us navigate the way forward – and know that the destination ahead is real.

Starting to dream with your eyes open

Dream with your eyes open by making that choice today. We all deserve to live a life of joy, purpose and abundance – the only one stopping you is you! In the meantime, you’ve come to the right place for a little courage and inspiration. Peruse my blog further for more articles like this one, or why not catch my latest episode on my  ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast? You may even wish to explore my bestselling written works, or why not give me a follow on Facebook or Instagram? Here you can enjoy one of my many free LIVE events packed full of hints, tips and inspo. I hope to see you there in the not too distant future!

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