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The Frequency of Love & How to Use it

Abundance is your birthright

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A lot of people talk about ‘the frequency of love’. While they’re all wonderful, I’ve not seen many of them talk about it with regards to closing to be in flow with abundance. What do I mean? I’ll unpack this below. But first…

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME everyone! Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog. If it’s your first time – hello. I’m Daniel Mangena, best-selling author, public speaker, Wall St Journal Master of Success and all that juicy jazziness. My aim with all of my work, is to encourage you to choose an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life – and give you the tools to do just that!

The frequency of love is, perhaps on the face of it, a bit of an abstract idea.

Or at least it probably seems that way to people. When the words “love” and “frequency” are used in the same sentence, the assumption from most folks I’d wager, is one of scepticism and an assumption of ‘hippy, dippy woo-wooism.’ Fair enough, there was a time when I’d probably have thought the same. But there is a science behind it and a practical application that I implore you to explore further. 

I think (or at least, I presume) that you will have an innate appreciation for frequency. You know it exists in technological terms. We’ve all listened to the radio, watched TV and most likely: you’re all reading this over wifi or a cellular network. 

Going a step further: I reckon you all probably also appreciate the ability of frequency to change/enhance your state. If your favourite tune comes on the radio in the car, you feel better. If you go for a massage, they don’t play heavy metal or employ a drum player to solo during it, do they? No, because the point is to place you in a relaxed state and frequency plays a huge part in that. 

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We know that our babies cry is physiologically, uniquely designed to provoke the most ancient and instinctive parts of our brain. Any of you who are parents will know; when your baby is screaming, it’s virtually impossibly to focus on anything else. It puts you into a state of distress and elicits actions in you that cater to the baby’s needs, until it stops crying. 

This is the power of frequency!

When you understand this, and that literally everything in the universe has one, you can begin to understand why atoning yourself to different things can influence your state of being profoundly! Even inanimate objects have a frequency, which is why Feng Shui works so well. 

Casting our eyes heavenward to more celestial bodies: ok some believe in horoscopes, some don’t, but it is undeniable that other planets, satellites and stars effect our state here on Earth. Probably the most obvious is the sun. We know that more sunlight enhances our mood, helps us produce Vitamin D and releases positive hormones in the body. If you don’t believe that, then at least you’ll know that standing in sunlight will burn you. That’s because of the frequency of the radiation that the sun chucks out in abundance. 

And so to abundance and the frequency thereof.

It is the natural state of things to be abundant. Nature in its purest state is abundant, and that’s something we’ve forgotten as human beings. We’ve managed to dominate and control nature (or at least parts of it) but in doing so, we have created a false sense of finality and lack. 

photo of waterfalls
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The expansion of the universe is something that astronomers and physicists have been observing for some time now. There are a number of other theories and variations of it, but basically the universe is expanding. That makes sense if it all came from one giant explosion, purely scientific or of God. So surely the default, natural frequency of everything is: expansion?

As I discussed with my good friend David Strickel over at thestreamofdavid.com: we are designed to exist between polarities. We are meant to flit between states, to experience highs and lows, in order to expand as beings in our experiences. This is the purpose of life! We exist on the basis of contrast. Even down to our atoms! We are, at our very core, a being that exists between poles.

Our journeys through life are meant to twist and wind, but ultimately expand the universe through our experience of it. 

This is where we get to the crux of the matter: when you view life from the higher perspective, you see that its purpose is to serve that expansion. You see that there is nothing going on, on our planet that is permanent or eternal and nothing going on that can end what you are! There is no such thing as ‘death’, suffering is just a matter of perspective and the things in our world that we perceive as negative, serve a great purpose in our expansion too!

We can allow the negative to be all consuming, if we choose to focus on it and assign it a label. Pain, for example, can be viewed as something to avoid at all costs. But you don’t expand without it! You might look on your scars, physical or emotional, and see them as representative of bad times. But you survived whatever it was! The scar is a reminder that you won and you’re still here, all the more expansive for the experience. 

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So send those scars the frequency of love!

Something one of my mentors/teachers Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about is sending love to things you want to heal. Very often that can be listening to your body and just channelling the feelings of love at aching joints, headaches, stomach pain etc… What this is doing is, well a number of things, but one is: it rewrites the association you have with it and it allows for a balancing of frequency. 

Here’s a link to an episode of Jay Shetty’s podcast, in which he and Dr. Joe get into this in detail: https://jayshetty.me/podcast/dr-joe-dispenza-on-how-to-chemically-teach-your-body-to-focus-on-healing-vibrate-at-a-higher-frequency/

I’ll let Dr. Joe and Jay speak to the scientific ‘nitty gritty’ of it all. Suffice it to say: love is a neutral, balancing frequency. It is healing in that regard because it re-stabilises energy and brings balance. It can do this with the physical pain, but it can also re-balance us emotionally. 

It’s often said that you should learn to love those who may have wronged you in the past.

This is for your benefit! It doesn’t mean that you seek them out and give them a hug necessarily (especially during covid, that might send the opposite message) but you send out a frequency of love to them, to stabilise yourself in regards to your past with that person. This in turn enables you to get back to a state of abundance/expansion. 

gray and black galaxy wallpaper The Frequency of Love
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So much of what keeps us from growth is stuck states, be that trapped energy in the body or the inability to let go emotionally from a past situation. These things act like anchors, weighing us down and holding us back.

By regularly connecting to the frequency of love though, and ensuring that we channel that to others: we free ourselves from those stuck states. 

I’ve said this many a time before, but the only place we can create anything from is the present. The present is where we physically exist and so it is the only time and space in which we can take action. Spending time, mentally and emotionally tethered to the past or the future, simply impedes our ability to take action and grow. This doesn’t mean: don’t plan anything, but it does mean that when it comes time to take action, we must do so fully in the present moment. The frequency of love can help ground us in this way and connect us to the abundant state/frequency of nature, so that we can create abundantly and experience everything that we want to in our lives. 

Thank you so much for reading this blog, from the bottom of my heart! If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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