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How to Live Your Life With Intention

Re-write your unconscious programs to target abundance

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Hello reader, and a warm welcome to my blog. June is fast approaching, and with summer on the horizon, I feel real promise in the air! With that in mind, let me ask you this: do you want to live your life with intention?

The past two years have proved a challenge for us all. Therefore, coming unstuck from our ‘stagnant’ routines is easier said than done. With the many restrictions in place, it may even feel like an effort to make plans past the following day. As we continue to face a mental health crisis across the globe, being ‘mindful’ has fallen by the wayside. With the monotony of the everyday routine, it’s easy to fall into the realm of the ‘mindless’. Whether that’s the same people you ‘choose’ to surround yourself with or the same conversations you choose to join. Even down to the same meal you choose to cook yourself every Friday night!

The time is now to disengage autopilot!

As you continue to soldier through the days, how can you choose to live your life with intention? Regardless of the current climate, it doesn’t mean you should lose sight of your dreams. However distant they may seem! In today’s blog, I explore what it means to live a life full of intention. This includes how to go about it, and how to open the door to the purpose-driven life you deserve!  

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Breaking the cycle

So, what does it mean to live your life with intention? While you may believe you’re living a life of purpose, the majority of your decisions are dictated by pre-written programs. These exist within your subconscious! If the change you want isn’t happening, these programs hold more dominion over your everyday choices than you realize! Having learnt first-hand from scientists like Bruce Lipton, we all operate at an unconscious level – for as much as 97% of our waking days! A crazy statistic, I’m sure you’ll agree!

We’re by no means brainless zombies, yet a huge chunk of what we do on a day-to-day basis is carried out unconsciously. To live your life with intention, therefore, is to re-write those programs. It’s about digging deep and disrupting what’s happening an unconscious level. It’s about saying, ‘hey, I’m here now – this is what I choose to experience’. And this is, of course, what we all have the right to feel. Ultimately, it comes down to control. It’s about wielding the power to rule over our unconscious minds so that we may possess full autonomy over our actions.

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How to live a life of intention

So, now you understand the science behind the unconscious prison of your ‘pre-recorded’ programs! How can you put this into practice? It starts with asking yourself the simple question of: ‘where am I now?’ Every journey has a starting point. In order to create something new – whether it’s health, wealth or relationships – it’s important we lovingly accept where we are in this very moment. Once having established that state of being, we can move towards living a life of intention. This represents the first of five steps to taking control of your unconscious decisions:

  • 1. Ask ‘where am I now’? Forget the sexiness of manifestation – you’re where you’re at now because of all that’s happened before. What comes after is up to you. Be compassionate with yourself and accept the beauty of your ‘faults’ (it’s what makes you human)! You still have the power to make a change.
  • 2. Ask ‘what do I want?’ You may think you want to be a millionaire – but deep down, you just want to pay off your mortgage! You may want to be boss of your division, when really you just want respect. Interrogate the truth of what you say you want; not based on what society, religion or what your family tells you. Regardless of what that may be, what is the emotional pull?
  • 3. Ask ‘how can I generate a connection with that emotional state?’ Based on where you are today, establishing that connection can help open yourself up to new opportunities. These will only move you closer to the thing you want to create! It’s then within your power to start building the framework that allows you to step into that experience.
  • 4. Ask ‘how can I make my move?’ You got it, now comes the exciting part! Step four goes from thinking the choice to making the choice. If you do things differently, things will not stay the same! What is the one thing you can do every day to move you one step closer to your desired outcome? It’s all in the small and consistent chips (or micro-shifts as I like to call them).
  • 5. Ask ‘how can I be patient with myself?’ As you continue to take baby steps towards your desired outcome, there will be good and bad days. But that doesn’t mean you should stop! You can maintain momentum by doing something seemingly small. Go to the edge of what you can do, celebrate that, and move forward.

My Intention Setting Cheat Sheet, featuring all five steps, is free to download at your leisure!

Venturing beyond intention

There is no ‘secret sauce’ to living a life of intention (if there was, we’d all be in on it)! We are all on different paths. How I live a life of intention will look very different to your own unique experience. Yet once you understand how to halt those old cycles, then you can begin to break down the barriers. If you take a step back, those roadblocks only exist due to our own subconscious restrictions. In other words, we are what hold ourselves back from realizing our full potential – nobody else! ‘Intentionality’ begins with the process of realizing that things are being agreed on your behalf. Once having grasped that concept, it’s about showing up the way you want against a backdrop of which you’ve chosen to experience. Do this gradually, and it will soon form permanent part of your core unconscious program.

It’s not too late to make a change

Whatever your heart’s true desire, living a life of intention is in your control. In the meantime, please do take advantage of all other resources at your disposal! Whether you take a coffee break to peruse the blog a little more, or you give my podcast ‘Do It With Dan’ a listen, you’re sure to find inspiration in a way that works best for you! If books are your bag, you’ll find a selection of my bestselling titles here. All of these materials are designed to help you re-write your unconscious narrative, and effect real change. An abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life was meant for all of us – just don’t forget to dream with your eyes open! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and wishing you all a restful weekend.

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