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5 Reasons Mindfulness Is Good For Business

How mindfulness can help you show up better for your business

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Mindfulness, if you haven’t already heard, has made a giant comeback of late. So much so that when it comes to embarking on our own journey, it’s hard to know where to start! From breath work to plant medicine to plunging ourselves into an ice bath; it may feel overwhelming (or even a little excessive) to say the least! Yet ultimately, mindfulness is about awareness, and developing a level of awareness around more than just our physical state. This stretches as far as our minds, our emotions and even our spirit and energy levels (if you wanted to tunnel further down the rabbit hole)! So, what about when mindfulness and business cross over? And does mindfulness even have a place within this space? Here’s 5 reasons mindfulness really can be good for business (and good for the soul).

It helps us bring more of ourselves to a situation

The top reason I believe mindfulness is good for business is simple. By bringing more of ourselves to a situation, we have more capacity to draw from that situation. Mindfulness in business is about redefining how we bring ‘the big guns’ beyond just the blood, sweat and the tears. It’s about allowing ourselves access to more of our minds on a regular basis. All too often, we find ourselves slaves to our unconscious programs – whether related to self-sabotage, disbelief, fear, anxiety or doubt. Instead, mindfulness is about having that confidence, and being more deliberate with our unconscious thought.

It helps us be more emotionally mature

While most of us count ourselves as emotionally mature both in workplace and at home, the current climate of hybrid working has pushed the boundaries for some more than others. Whether we’re juggling childcare, caring for loved ones or home life in general – everyone faces their own unique challenge. Mindfulness can help us to re-establish those boundaries, and keep them where they need to be. Beyond the ever-tipping work-life balance, mindfulness can also help us deal with both our employees and our customers better as we invite that awareness and empathy into our reality and our daily lives.

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It helps us ‘observe’ situations

Wielding the power of mindfulness also allows us to become the ‘observer’. As discussed in Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power Of Now’, being an observer is allowing what is without getting caught up in what’s happening. It empowers us to be more conscious (and take more control) over what shows up. When anger shows up for example, we acknowledge it rather than suppress it. This gives us the opportunity to make a choice about what we’re going to do next. As emotional waves tend never to last more than 90 seconds, we allow them to pass through us. Here, mindfulness gives us space to observe situations from a place of clarity, as opposed to reacting emotionally (and often irrationally).

It helps us build more coherent teams

Not only can mindfulness help nurture our own self-awareness in the workplace, but also that of our colleagues. A practice called ‘heart coherence’ recognizes that the common fields existing within groups are also affected by the people inside them. If there are people that don’t want to be part of that team, they can pollute the emotional space of others, and thus hinder motivation and productivity. In collaborative circles, heart coherence can help to create an expansive space that improves the performance of everyone within the team. Whether some employees are better resourced to deal with conflict, or can support those with little dominion over their emotional state, mindfulness can empower them to deal with those situations.

It helps us seek the right support

Learning is the only path to expansion, so being mindful of our own limitations can also help us seek the right support. Whether that’s creating a physical space for ourselves, resourcing ourselves with new learnings, or inviting external support in the form of a coach, mentor, or perhaps a therapist when past trauma decides to show up – mindfulness is about taking care of number one. It also helps us ask the right questions. Is there too much of an overlap between work and home life? Is this persona just a façade – and is this path I truly want to be following? It allows us to consciously choose how we want to show up – without always being fearful of what will happen next.

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Without awareness, we cannot apply the practice of mindfulness to any aspect of our lives; this is because we don’t have a conscious relationship with what’s going on inside. From my own personal experience, my mindfulness journey has helped with my social anxiety linked to a late diagnosis of Asperger’s. In this way, both mindfulness and spiritual practice have supported my challenge of pushing past those limitations – allowing me to show up as the best person I can be, which I continue to channel into my business and all aspects of my life!

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