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Beware of Your Own Certainty

Have the grace to accept that you don’t know what you can’t know

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Hey everyone! 

Welcome back to my blog. I hope you’re all doing well and living in abundance, despite the goings on right now. 

In fact: it is those very ‘goings on’ that I want to make the topic of this ‘ere blog, what I have for you today (perfect grammar). 

I’m part of a WhatsApp group that one of my mentors uses. Who, why and what aren’t important; but the other day an almighty row (that’s British for ‘argument’) broke out over the efficacy of face masks. One person was siting one scientific study, someone else was siting another and it took a couple of days before somebody finally said: 

Even the World Health Organisation keeps changing their mind, so how do any of you know that you’re right?! Nobody knows right now!


I’m not going to chime in, throw my hat in the ring, plant my flag or any other metaphor you can think of for: take a side. My stance on matters like this is much the same as the above quote – we don’t know!

I see so much certainty and conviction over the current pandemic (as well as a huge range of other topics that are currently in the public zeitgeist). I think we need to be careful of what we are certain about. Very careful indeed!

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Think back to similar events or situations in the past that we now have clarity on. We will have the same clarity on this situation eventually, but until then: we can’t know what the answer is! And we have to accept it with grace. 

I think that the worst part about it all, is that so many of us are giving away our power, wasting our energy on arguing about it. It’s fine to discuss possibilities or probabilities, that’s part of the journey to the truth, but planting our flag and ‘being certain’ of a position, when currently the outcome is unknowable, is a reductive waste of our time. Sorry, it just is!

Not only that, but it creates a bondage and a slavery within our lives to the perpetual feeding of energy to this position we’ve taken. Why ‘perpetually’? Because (say it with me) we just don’t know! So of course you’re having to pour more and more effort in to doing the mental gymnastics that it takes, in order to defend the flag you’ve planted on ‘certainty’ hill!

I’ve really tried to hone my sense of what is for my highest and greatest good, over recent months. So much of what we choose for ourselves comes with uncertainty and a fear that we made a poor choice. As many of you will know: I’m a big advocate for owning where we’re at and taking full responsibility for all of our decisions. This is not out of a desire for self-flagellation, but rather one of empowerment! 

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Calling mistakes a ‘soul lesson’ or whatever other label we want to give it, is more than likely just an attempt to soften the blow or obfuscate responsibility. That’s disempowering and it doesn’t serve you in your growth. 

It’s simple: if you cock up, you cock up. Own it. Take full responsibility and enjoy the fact that every moment is an opportunity to start again. In fact: you’re in a much stronger position, because now you can start with your next choice that will take you away from the trajectory you were on before. Winning!

Accepting that we’ve made a bad choice, doesn’t mean that we have to be a slave to the outcome of it through shame or guilt. But, as with the masks debate: at this level of consciousness, while we’re in the throws of it…we just don’t know!

The second that we become ok with not knowing, and instead give our energy to making choices in the here and now that best serve us from what we know right now; we develop a freedom that empowers us to do something productive with our lives. 

Don’t get caught up with ‘bad’ decisions you may have made in the past, decisions that you can’t make from a position of knowledge right now, or even decisions that others are making. 

My invitation to you is: to be ok with the uncertainty, be ok with the unknowable and do the best with what you have today. Put your energy into making empowered choices that serve you and your goals, from where you’re at right now. Do so from a loving space and reserve judgement on whether or not you made the ‘right’ decision, for the future. 

The next time you’re certain of anything that is objectively unknowable…just have a word with yourself. 

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