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Want to Know Why You’re Not Rich?

It could be that you don’t really want it!

woman shocked that she's not rich
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Happy Monday people. Thank you for your continued support of my blog, it really does mean the world to me. I hope that you are all starting to see a shift in your world and that the teachings I’ve been including in these blogs for you, have awoken in you something new and expansive. With that said: here’s why you’re not rich?

Awks! OK, that seems like a bit of a put down. It’s not. It really isn’t. 

This is about mindset. I’ve said it a thousand times before, but it bears repeating always: our outer world is just a reflection of our inner one. 

This is to say: who we show up as in the world, dictates the experience that we get back from it. 

You have spent your entire life, until this point, becoming who you are. So far; your experiences have been a reflection of that. Wherever you are in your journey, your career, your finances… it has come about because of who you show up as. 

person showing up as not rich
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The people you’ve attracted for instance: they are there because of who you are, right? Think back to when you were a kid at school. You probably had a few really close friends, and a best-friend. People you swore you’d always keep in touch with and be besets pals forever. What happened?

You all grew up! Who you are shifted and probably: out of alignment with one another. 

How many times have you had some kind of reunion with those people, only to find that a good number of them hold views, or have interests that are just completely antithetical to your current way of thinking? 

Or (in other words) they have become the kind of people that you would never consider becoming friends with now! 

I’m sure that there are lots of examples to the contrary. People become lifelong friends with their school buddies too, but my point is that you have become who you are over the course of a lifetime. Reversing such fundamental aspects of that, like: your attitude towards money – is not going to be an overnight fix!

school friends who grow up without knowing how to be rich
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OK so – how to know why you’re not rich. 

Well if our outer world is a reflection of our inner, what we’re really saying is: we’re surrounded by that which we are a vibrational match for. 

When we talk about our vibrational frequency; we are, basically, talking about our emotions. Wherever we spend the most time emotionally, is what we will attract more of in our experiences and relationships. 

Just look around! 

Who do you spend the most time with? What do you spend most of your time doing? These things will give you a very clear indication of where you are at vibrationally. 

woman's outer world reflecting how she's not rich on the inside
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I’m sure you’ve noticed that negative people tend to like company! They’re also not very often ‘rich’ (while constantly asking themselves why they’re not rich). That’s not to say that people with financial wealth can’t be negative, of course they can but I’m not necessarily calling them ‘rich’.

The cliche of the gossip circle is probably the most stark and recognisable example of this. People love to congregate, whether in person or online, and gossip about others.

There’s a magnetic pull people have for it, that boarders on an addiction…in fact: it is an addiction! And it’s why you’re not rich!

Schadenfreude is attractive, I suppose, because it makes the lives of others seem fraught with error and distracts from the shortcomings of your own. In other words: it gets you off the hook!

fish on the hook - representing people's responsibilities and why they're not rich
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If this is you (and I think it’s all of us a little bit) then I want to you to really interrogate what it is about gossip that you love so much. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who loves to go down the pub (in the UK) or to a bar (US) and complain about the government/weather/postal service/whatever…?


Now I want you to interrogate yourself over this BUT: I do not want you to do so with judgement. Be gentle. Don’t blame yourself!! 

If you do, what’s the first thing you’re going to do instinctually? What do you normally do when someone else (especially someone close like a family member) points out such a tendency towards the negative in you? You react defensively!

getting defensive over being accused of not being rich
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Naturally so. Your subconscious doesn’t want to hear that. It cuts you to your core. The walls go up, the gloves come off and pretty soon you’re dying on the hill you planted your flag on, just to avoid acquiescing.

Well the same is true if you assess your negative tendencies towards echo chambers and the like, from a space of judgement. This is not a bad thing! If anything: it just means that you’re human.

The great thing is that now you want to know why you’re not rich, and have sought the knowledge to start moving away from that energy and to start changing your inner vibration, so that it matches more positive experiences and people. 

Does this mean that you’ll lose friends? Maybe, or maybe you’ll find that your change in vibration begins a change in them too! 

See: the reason why you’re not rich always starts with your inner game. It’s also the reason why, if you become financially rich by fluke (lottery win, inheritance etc…) you’ll like lose it all within five years. 

being left without nothing, because of a vibrational lack of alignment with being rich.
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That’s statistically true by the way. 90% of all lottery winners are back to broke within five years!

Why? Because they’re vibrationally poor! They give away what they perceive as excessive funds, be it through blowing money on expensive crap or just giving it to relatives. Their subconscious works day and night to return them to the status quo, quite often through guilt and lack of worthiness. 

I suppose what I’m also saying is that this is not only the way to find out why you’re not rich, but the way to know why you’re not being enriched.

Right? You’re not even on the path to becoming rich, because you aren’t aligned with that outcome!

Well I guarantee you that’s why. If you want to find the tools to start changing that (and remember: it’s a lifetime of programming we’re talking about changing here) then you can look at my free resources page to help get you started. 

We also offer loads more resources and information here in the blog, over on my YouTube channel, my Podcast and my books:Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well.

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