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We Are Not All Here to do The Same Thing

This one goes out to all the fad hoppers!

I saw that Tony Robbins launched a new $2,000 Mastermind with some other life coaches recently, and in no time at all they had over half a million people signed up. 

No sooner had the announcement gone up, than countless people where announcing that they too were going to launch their own masterclass and become life coaches.

Intimidating, isn’t it?

Guys: we can’t all be coaches, chefs, actors, tech entrepreneurs etc…

That’s not to discourage you from living a joyful, abundant purpose driven life! Do not misunderstand me. It’s just that I see so much misplaced energy going into wanting to emulate success in a given field, usually jumping on the bandwagon of some fad. That energy could be much more productively employed working on your own inner game! 

Don’t forget: the success stories didn’t come about because these people copied someone else’s work. It happened because they chose an outcome, were clear in their intentions and created alignment to that outcome. 

You will be successful if you identify your joy and truly desired outcome. Don’t make the mistake of associating your joy with someone else’s. Focus on: what am I about? What am I here to do?

Now this brings me round to a broader point, which is that coaching programs are only of use to you if you are in alignment with what they have  to offer. 

Of the tens of thousands of people who invested $2,000 in that program, I can guarantee that the majority are not going to do anything with it. Take it from me, as someone who is in this industry: most of the people who invest in these programs don’t follow through with it. 

So rather than throwing money after the next new fad, instead invest whole-heartedly in yourself. Take the time to work out what is right for you, and then do it! 

That’s my advice to you for today, but also to myself! 

With love.

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