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Captain Sir Tom Moore – A Lesson in True Abundance

A Quick Tribute & Take Away

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Hey Everyone – I just wanted to write a very quick tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, who passed away yesterday at the ripe age of 100.

This won’t be the usual length of my regular blogs, I just really wanted to saying something about him and what his journey can teach us.

Now that we see his life in its entirety, something really leapt out at me!

Captain Sir Tom, who last year did laps of his garden to raise money for NHS charities in the UK, wound up not only making over £33 million but also capturing the heart of a nation.

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom lived a long life of service, having fought for his country in World War II and raising a family.

His meteoric rise to prominence came in the final year of his life. His Herculean achievements landed him a knighthood, an audience with the Queen and numerous TV and radio appearances. He even released a single! 

Captain Sir Tom Moore on GQ

On his 100th birthday, he was sent so many cards that they filled an entire school theatre! 

So what is the takeaway from Captain Sir Tom Moore and how he lived his life, now that we see it in its entirety? 

Captain Sir Tom achieved untold levels of abundance in the final year of his life. I don’t mean that he personally became a millionaire, but he still became abundant to the tune of over £33 million – even though he was doing it for charity!

That’s what abundant people do after all…they give! This is why I encourage people to give away at least a proportion of the wealth that they attract: you will become even more so. Trust me.

Abundance has nothing to do with what’s in your bank account right now. Not really. Just look at Captain Sir Tom Moore!

He couldn’t possibly have thought, when he first set out to raise money for charity, that he would raise tens of millions and capture the spirit of a nation battling with a new, unprecedented challenge. 

Captain Sir Tom Moore

He just focussed on being of service as best he could, and look what the universe served up for him. We can take a lot from this. Yes; we probably want to achieve the level of abundance we desire a little earlier than our final year on Earth, but the lesson here is that – we can not see our life in its entirety until the end, so never give up on living a purpose-driven life. 

Captain Sir Tom Moore spent 99% of his life not knowing that he would be remembered by the whole world, for what he did in the final 1% of it. 

Powerful stuff!

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