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Why Mindfulness Matters

Being mindful to manifest abundance

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Hey there guys, who’s ready for another blog?! It brings me great joy to share my teachings and thoughts with you, so to have you reading why mindfulness matters really means the world. If you’re struggling to slow things down these days, then join the club! As many of us continue to work remotely, and with kids, dogs and general life happening in the background, it can be hard to strike a balance. When the going gets tough, something’s gotta give! In our mission to keep our loved ones safe however, it often means that any form of ‘self-care’ falls by the wayside, with our mental health suffering as a result. Before the pandemic hit, you may have read why mindfulness matters. But what is mindfulness to you? And how can we find time for it amongst the madness? Fundamentally, it’s the small changes that count (and getting to know your true calling, one step at a time).

How we lost our flow

Nowadays, ‘mindfulness’ has become a bit of a buzzword in the media. Whether it’s meditation or prayer, mindful practices like yoga, or being more mindful over what we eat, the ‘product’ of mindfulness threatens to overwhelm us before we’ve even begun. And let’s not forget the often-hefty price tag attached! The truth is, mindfulness is pitched to us with many strings attached – often as something ‘out of reach’ or too costly/time-consuming to commit to. While you may have found an app that helps you in the short-term, there is no ‘quick fix’ to mindfulness. Someone telling you how to be mindful is not how mindfulness works! On my own personal journey over the past 20 years – with every setback and every win – I’ve often felt lost on my path to mindfulness. In pursuit of the successful manifestation of our own joy and happiness, we get side-tracked – diverted down someone else’s path – as tempting and as abundant as it may seem!

Why your brand of mindfulness matters

If you’re tired of being ‘sold’ this singular idea of why mindfulness matters, then hold that thought. Starting with the construct of reality – on a spiritual level – let’s look at the nature of God. The only thing God cannot do is be less than itself; if God did that, it wouldn’t be God! In other words, by believing that there’s only one way to do something, we’ve constricted the ‘truth’ of infinite possibility down to the ‘lie’ of limitation. Ultimately, it comes down to this: how I dance with the universe is how I dance with the universe. That dance will look different to everyone else! How my friends or family manifest will always be different to how I manifest. Likewise, how I embody mindfulness is going to be different to how anyone else embodies it. For that reason, no single person can dictate how the practice of mindfulness should be carried out. For that to be the case, infinite possibility would not exist!

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Understanding your groove with the universe

So, the million-dollar question: does this mean I should fire my life coach?The answer is no! I invest a lot of time, energy and money in my own mindfulness, and know myself enough to know what’s my groove, and what’s not. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t listen to our mentors and healers. Instead, it’s about cutting through the ‘noise’. It’s about establishing a practice of mindfulness that works for you. If your life coach is on board with that, then let them help show you the way! Exploring mindfulness in a way that works for you takes time, and is a constant journey of learning and discovery. Understanding the relationship or that style of dance can not only help us to manifest from within, but can also lead us to the right coaches should we need them. A Salsa coach, for example, is no good to you if you’re dancing the Tango! While it’s nice to try different moves, the sooner you connect with your inner self so as to proceed down the right path, the better.

From mindfulness to micro-shifting

Once we’ve established that space from which to manifest, the practice of micro-shifting can help propel us forward. Everyone is capable of baby steps (in whatever direction or form they may take), and micro-shifting only expands that idea. In a nutshell, micro-shifting is a consistent series of baby steps made in the direction of a consciously chosen outcome. So, for obvious reasons, this doesn’t happen overnight! Akin to mindfulness, micro-shifting is the slow and steady journey made towards living a life of abundance. When speaking on the subject of micro-shifting, I’ll often quote the ‘Dan-ism’ of: ‘push your edge, and not your buttons’. What I mean by this is that you may find you’re not in the right place. As a professional ballet dancer, it may be that deep down, you want to breakdance! While an exciting prospect, learning a new groove is not going to happen overnight. Micro-shifting instead represents the small actions we can all take in response to our hearts’ true calling.

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Why mindfulness matters now more than ever

As something we should perform on a consistent basis, the practice of mindfulness is as crucial as taking care of our physical health. In order to live a long and happy life, both will require constant maintenance, and that always starts from within! Moving on from mindfulness, micro-shifting is the tool that helps us chip away at things to ensure we are consistently moving towards our desired outcome on a mental level. This is a gradual process, but if practiced on a regular basis, will only empower us to manifest abundance in the long-term. The probability of us starting a new dance class and getting all the moves straight away is low! But through micro-shifting, we can move towards that destination with less resistance. So, take it one baby step at a time, learn to be compassionate with yourself, and you can own the dancefloor with whatever moves you want.

Dream with your eyes open – the journey’s just begun!

That’s right folks! A purpose-driven life of joy and abundance is all yours for the taking. Now that you’ve set your sights on a prosperous future, my teachings can help guide you down the path that was always meant for you. Whether that’s exploring further insightful topics on my blog, hearing from incredible guests on my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast, or getting to grips with a particular practice via my bestselling books. Your journey to expansion starts right here!

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