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Why Your Emotional State is Impacting Your Reality

Never underestimate the power of your emotional state

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Emotions are a powerful thing. They can lift us up and tear us down in a heartbeat. Yet it’s for this very reason they can often feel out of our control. If acknowledged and channeled in the right way however, they can also help shape the way forward. By helping us make the right choices, our emotional state can bring us closer to a life of purpose and abundance. Becoming the master of our emotional state or ‘state of mind’ doesn’t happen overnight, of course; by simply accepting that life happens for us (not to us), we can start to dream with our eyes open.

The dominion of the emotional state

Ever felt like your dreams were out of reach? The truth is, our emotional state holds more dominion over our destiny than we realize. As we move through our lives from one experience to the next, it could be what’s holding us back from our true calling. How we feel and the choices we make are dictated by our emotional state. So much so that even the law recognizes that crimes of passion are the real deal. When it comes to ‘mind over matter’, the neurons in our brain are what affect our behavior and ability to make choices. Our emotions impact our thinking, and our thinking impacts our decision making. Those choices end up reflecting in our physical reality, which were ultimately manifested by our emotional state!  

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We are energetic, physical and spiritual creatures

There’s more to humans than meets the eye. We are not 2D, cardboard cut-outs!

We are complex beings that operate across three distinct levels of experience: the physical world, the mental world, and the emotional world. You may hear people refer to the latter as their ‘energy’ or ‘spirit’, but essentially this is our first point of contact with our vibrational frequency. While this was once viewed as a little ‘woo woo’, this is now something that is scientifically recognized. So much so that we’re now able to measure and even capture pictures of our vibrational frequency! When seeking to take control of our emotional state however, we must at first ask ourselves: what am I feeling, how is that impacting what I’m thinking, and how is that impacting what I’m doing? At the end of the day, all of these things line up with the reality we want to create.

Let your emotional state guide you

We are only human, so it’s easy to let our emotions get the better of us. When we find ourselves in any form of emotional turmoil, we can often feel like life is being thrust upon us (with little say in the matter). Making rash decisions in the heat of the moment or the inability to ‘think straight’ is often as a result of our altered emotional state. But why is it that we allow ourselves to be swept away? The fact is, whether obvious or not, we are all led (to some extent) by our emotional state. What we experience is predictable from the top down based on whether we are consciously aligned to what we want. Yet by letting our emotional state guide us – and not control us – we can consciously and continuously wield that influence to our advantage.

If people want to effect real change in their lives, it’s for this very reason that I invite them to bring all these elements with them.

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Harness your emotional state to manifest abundance

Want to live a purpose-driven life full of joy and abundance? With each and every choice you make, you have the power to move one step closer to your goals. By showing up to take control of your emotional state, those decisions are placed back in your hands. Whether it’s wealth, health or relationships; the act of ‘micro-shifting’ or consistently conscious baby steps can help you move in the right direction. To find out more, my book ‘Money Game’ explains this in more detail. My other bestselling titles can also be found here. If podcasts are your bag, tune into ‘Do It With Dan’ for further guidance from a host of special guests. Or why not check out my Events page where I’ll be sharing my wisdom on how to manifest abundance in your life!

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