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Are You Exactly Where YOU Are Supposed to be?

Have you checked in with yourself today?

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This may seem like an insensitive subject, given that as of the time of writing (late October 2020) large swathes of the world are still confined to their towns, villages and homes. Nevertheless, this is not so much about geography as it is about the whereabouts of your energy. Are you where you need to be energetically, right now?

This topic came up during a discussion I had with the incredible and sparkly Hayley Hunter Hines, on the Do it With Dan podcast. The full episode goes live this Friday (30th October) and I encourage you all to check it out for some truly great nuggets of wisdom. 

Are You Exactly Where You Are Supposed to be?

Hayley Hunter Hines – Soul Sparkle Living

Hayley Hunter Hines is the CEO of Soul Sparkle Living and the creator of the Soul Centered CEO Collective. She is a mentor to business leaders called to create a Soul Centered business and life. She is also a Spiritual Advisor to Fortune 500 companies. 

Hayley spent 20+ years in the corporate wellness industry. She consulted with over 500 employer clients and as worked as a senior level executive. She also lead corporate strategy and innovation for a national health management organization. 

Hayley has always felt called to help others craft a business that gives back and makes a global impact. She has created the Soul Centered CEO Leadership Development program. The Soul CEO Collective for leaders around the world enables them to expand their impact and leave a legacy.

In October 2016, she left her corporate path. Since making the leap she has sprinkled her magic across multiple continents. Hayley is fully living her Soul Sparkle life of wandering the world, giving back, and successfully running a highly impactful business.

Hayley Speaking at a Soul Sparkle Event

As Hayley told us on the Podcast: she has a daily habit of getting really present, checking in with herself and asking:

“Am I exactly where I am supposed to be today? Am I doing exactly what I supposed to do today?”

What this had the effect of, compounded over time, was that she got to a stage where she knew intuitively what the answer was. This enabled her to plan and curate an environment that allowed her to change tack and/or location, should the answer be “no”.

By her own admission, Hayley and humidity are “not very good friends”. She knew that in order to be the most productive and vibrationally aligned she could be, she had to keep her business on the road. Now, she went to what I’m sure seems like an extreme for most people. She has 27 cities on her weather app that she monitors and moves between, all across the world!

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I’m not saying that those are the lengths you should go to, but she wanted to follow her soul to wherever it was most ‘sparkly’. That’s really the guiding principal I want to highlight to you. Hayley really lives the freedom in her own life, that she teaches and empowers others to have in theirs. She therefore has an authenticity in her teaching that is absolute. 

There are lots of people out there how talk up the idea of being free and flowing, in terms of their living situation and how it puts them where they need to be; but they don’t actually do it themselves. 

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I salute Hayley for the integrity with which she lives and how she imparts that to others. 

So: how can you find out if you are exactly where you are supposed to be? My advice to you all is to find a practice that really works for you, in terms of being able to check in with yourself energetically and emotionally. Get to a point where you can really hear and understand your heart. Then you can start to make conscious choices in alignment with those desires from a space of real alignment, freedom and integrity. 

That’s all from me. Much love and if you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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