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Why It Pays To Have Awareness Of Alignment

Acknowledge alignment to find your path to success

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Are you aligned with your goals? What does alignment even mean? When it comes to the big ‘A’ word (and no, I’m not talking about abundance!), alignment plays a huge role in my teachings as a coach. Yet without being physically aware of its power in propelling us forward, it can’t hold that same power in our reality. So, why does it pay to have awareness of alignment? Ultimately, acknowledging the events that drove us to this version of our present can help us be more present, effecting success both now and in the future. Awareness of alignment holds us accountable, and invites us to consider the path laid out before us. The question is, where will you let it take you?

Awareness is everything

On the road to success, we’re told to work hard, do our spiritual practices – go to our temples, churches, mosques or other places of worship to seek divine support; read a book a week, get our morning regime right. The list goes on! These singular hacks, while often effective, all come together to form the bigger picture. While some people may find success through one of these actions, that’s also down to the fact that they’ve taken care of everything else. Whether it’s that magical affirmation or that winning strategy – these are all signs that everything has fallen into place and alignment is happening. While there will of course be areas of struggle, to have awareness of alignment is to actively seek to overcome those challenges with the right help. Only that way may we continue to make progress in the right direction.

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We are nothing without our experiences

As a young entrepreneur, I thought I had it made. Yet while I was armed with the tools to create success in my reality, my lack of experience was to be my downfall. The result? I made and lost two million-pound fortunes by my early twenties. While these events were life-shattering, they taught me a very important lesson: having knowledge alone is not enough. Without mentorship, guidance and experiences, and without the emotional capacity to hold all of those things, riding the wave of success will only last so long. In other words, without awareness of alignment (or taking the steps to realize it), abundance is not so easily enjoyed. Yet in a world so full of distraction and expectation, how can we hope to even think about making those first steps to success?

There’s beauty in the micro-shift

We are all capable of baby steps; in essence, that’s what I like to call micro-shifting! It’s the minimum deliverable we know we can achieve towards a consciously chosen destination. Done consistently, and micro-shifting can help you move in the direction of your dreams and goals. Better still, by making progress one baby step at a time, we face lower levels of resistance. Jump too far, and the resistance levels are higher – often causing us to hit a brick wall. Intentionality also plays a big role here, by choosing to move towards a specific outcome. When it comes to the action of micro-shifting, no movement is insignificant – however seemingly small! Rather, micro-shifting is about embracing those tiny changes so that we may adopt that winning mindset. If we make these steps consistently, we’re always going to get to where we’re going!

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Your awareness of alignment starts here

Alignment, while it may seem a never-ending journey, can open the door to abundance. Everyone is worthy of a joyful, abundant, purpose-driven life – and alignment can help us get there! Having awareness of alignment is the first step to success, whatever that looks like to you. In the meantime, you’ve come to the right place for material to keep you motivated! Whether you choose to explore my blog for insight on similar topics, or you delve into my teachings further with my collection of bestselling books – you’re sure to find something that works for you! If listening is more your thing, why not tune into my podcasts ‘Do It With Dan’ or ‘Beyond Success’, updated every week with special guest speakers from all over the world. If you don’t already, please follow me on my Facebook and Instagram channels where you’ll find me hosting weekly LIVE events. Whatever that first step may look like for you, remember to dream with your eyes open!

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