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Being ready for a coach and Micro-Shifting

Weird title for a blog, but bear with me!! 

I’ve spoken about belief and micro-shifting before, I know. What I’m talking about today though, is more in the context of your mindset going in to learning new techniques, methods or listening to a coach. In brief: if you can not align your beliefs with the program/coach/method or whatever, it won’t work for you. 

How many times have you embarked on learning a new skill by buying a program or investing your time in a course, only to find…eh, it’s not for you? Or maybe that its a nice idea, but not really practical for fitting around the kids meal times, work, walking the dog etc…? 

Well then it was never going to work for you, was it? 

Here’s an illustrative example that I think most, if not all, can understand: 

“I can only achieve wealth and abundance by working harder than I ever have before.”

Fred Blogs

OK, well…yes, very probably that’s true. If that’s what you believe, then that is how it will go down. Keep showing up, working hard and within time you will accrue wealth (assuming you combine this new work ethic with a solid saving plan). 

If this is how you believe money has to come to you though, you exclude the possibility that it can come via other means. Now I’m sure Fred (good old ‘fictional Fred’) believes that he can find a penny on the street, or even a stray five dollar bill on occasion. But his route to abundance has to come from work, i.e. selling his time and labour for as much as he can. 

If Fred signs himself up to a course on money manifestation (like my Ideal Life Blueprint or Money Manifestation Masterclass #shamelessplug) what are the odds that he goes in, takes notes, comes home and starts going through all of the motions…but nothing shows up for him?

He can set all the intentions, write all the affirmations and chant all the chants he likes; without the belief in place that they will work, they wont! 

The inverse is true as well of course.

Believe all you want, if you take no action (even if that’s just bending down to pick up said penny) nothing is going to show up for you either. 

Now there’s nothing wrong with the belief that one must work hard, in order to achieve. I want to be clear on that. I’m not advocating laziness. Indeed; this might just be the best way for you to achieve the very life that you want. It’s probably the path of least resistance for you, especially in the short term. So if you set an intention and plan to achieve that intention through hard work, great! You’ll be all the more likely to get there, albeit over time. 

It’s all about belief and alignment though. In the case of Fred: it’s a waste of time me marketing my private coaching to him, because I would waste so much time bringing his belief system into alignment, before any real work could take place. 

I’m not saying that I would leave him out in the dark! On the contrary; I have tons of free resources for him and anyone like him to get their noses into. Please go and check those out if you haven’t already. You should all start seeing positive change in your life and situation just by following the advice and guidance in those free coaching resources. 

Those that are ready to make the step to group coaching, it’s available for $37 a month with me, which is an absolute steal for top level coaching BUT…even if you are in a position to commit to that investment financially; it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready to do the work with me. 

You see sometimes people pay for coaching, with the expectation that simply by doing that and showing up to a call every week; they can keep making the same choices and I’ll provide the miracles. Well it don’t work like that brothers and sisters!! 

Unless YOU are committed and YOU are willing to change, then it doesn’t make a hill of beans difference what I say or do; your life is not going to change. 

I try to practice what I preach. Something that I’ve noticed (and those of you who follow my podcast and social media might have noticed it too) is that when I have shared a particular challenge that I’m facing in my own life, a lot of people come to me for guidance who are also facing similar difficulties. It’s a weird and wonderful outcome from simply sharing my journey. That’s just one of the ways that I know I am fully in alignment with how I’m showing up and how I’m being of service. 

I’m no guru. I am very open to talk about my humanity. I’m always happy to share my challenges. At the end of the day, I am just a normal person who has taken the pain of their own experiences, the wisdom gleaned from those experiences and is compelled to share it with you, so that you can have the joy that you deserve! 

But, not everyone is ready for that, which is why I sometimes have to give people their money back!

A coach’s duty is to bring the best out of you. Michael Jordan, I’m sure, had the best coaches in the world with the best training available to him. If he just sits on the bench and doesn’t get in the game though: what use is all that training? 

So showing up for the changes in your own life and your own transformation,  is the most important thing! I might not be the right coach for you, who knows? This is why you need to do the ground work and identify what you need. It could be through my free tools and guidance, or not. That part doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you start following through with making new choices, because without that; nothing is going to change! 

Things can only change when you are doing things differently. 

Something I teach my clients is “Micro-Shifting”. For those of you who haven’t heard me talk about this before: this is essentially about taking baby steps towards a choice/goal, instead of trying to tackle it in one hit. 

Sometimes a change in our life can seem so big as to be insurmountable, but this is when we view it as a whole. Break it down into baby steps though, each one well within our sphere of comfort and belief, and you’ll start making progress. So much so that the final step requires just as much ‘change’ as the first (in fact probably less)! 

The power of this also lies in its compounding effect. If I keep consistently making those shifts, I can slip past the version of me that exists within my subconscious/belief system, without alerting it and risking retaliation. The subconscious mind is always resistant to change, especially big change. Using this technique, you can consciously choose each step unencumbered, until the narrative of your subconscious is rewritten to support your new life! 

SO – If you’re not ready to make a big commitment or choice; make smaller choices in alignment with it until you are.

If you aren’t ready for the level of coaching I offer in my one-to-one sessions (or indeed my group coaching) then work with what you have! Take the free resources and start making incremental shifts in yourself until you are ready. You could even use some of them to manifest the money to pay for my coaching! 

I’ll leave you with this advice – go to your edge of comfort everyday, peer over and then push yourself a little bit more. In whatever area of your life you seek to improve. Consistency is key. Do this each day and you get there a lot quicker than you think. You will break down the barriers to making the big choices and before you know it; you’ll have changed your life for good! 

That’s just my thought for today. I hope it has clicked with some of you. If you enjoyed it, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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