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Be Deliberate With What You’re Asking For

You are the author and creator of your life

We all have our own version of “life”. What it means to you is completely subjective, but my advice to all of you is; be deliberate in what you choose from life every day!

What am I talking about? Well…we often set macro-intentions, don’t we? “One day I’m going to be independently wealthy and quit my job” or “I’m going to meet the love of my life, settle down and raise a family.” Whatever that main goal that you’re working towards is, it must be chosen deliberately and specifically. Every. Single. Day. 

If you simply identify a vague idea of the life you want (and I’m willing to bet you all know what I’m talking about) file it under “one-day” and then carry on with the same old routine, you will simply run on the same autopilot that you’ve always been running on, and nothing will change. 

I get it, change is hard and challenging. Growing pains are a thing, BUT…

Life has so much joy available for you and it will NOT come by chance!

Now some people are happy living a ‘small’ life. I don’t mean small in a derogatory way, nothing wrong with it at all, as long as it is chosen deliberately and not motivated by fear! 

I have patterns of fear and darkness that I can fall back on, we all do. It’s precisely during times of growth and expansion that our subconscious will amp up the fear, making a reversion to type seem appealing! 

It’s a sad truth, but how many people in domestic abuse situations make excuses for their partners and stay with them? It’s a tale as old as time, why? Because they’re motivated by fear of change to fall back to patterns of the “known”.

Creation is not where the challenge really is

We create every single day. Creation is thought when all said and done, so we really can create a new life for ourselves easily. The challenge is in the void between creating it and it showing up for us. We are the resistance, but good news: we can decide how much resistance exists within us. 

So my encouragement to you is to start with something small. 

Don’t over burden your subconscious right out of the gate, otherwise the push back from it could be overwhelming.

Instead just start with asking yourself, when you get up in the morning; what do I want from my life today? 

It could be “I want a parking space when I get to work” or “I intend and create a good day at the office”. Whatever it is; start being deliberate and purposely follow through with what you are demanding of your life. As I say: you are the author and creator of your life, whether you are choosing consciously or subconsciously. 

 If you can start setting clear intentions and creating alignment with your choices consistently, you will start to see them unfold for you. As they unfold, life will be more beautiful. 

If you’re unsure as to what is going on internally with you right now, then start by looking for patterns, because they are there. Look at your life and the results that have show up consistently for you thus far. 

The brain is an amazing thing, but it plays patterns. We all have patterns that we’re playing out. 

If we are not deciding what those patterns are, then it will default to its subconscious programming. 

Life is a sum total of our experiences. To change our life, we must change our experiences. To do that we must change our programming to make new choices, consciously and consistently.

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