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Make Time For Mindfulness In A Way That Works For You

How to nurture your own brand of mindfulness

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Mindfulness – what does it look like to you? Whether it’s practiced during your morning run, yoga class, journaling hour, or those breathing exercises before bed; it can occur in a multitude of ways. Yet whatever your answer may be, I can guarantee it will be different to anyone else! As one-of-a-kind, unique beings walking this earth, we think and see the world differently. We’d love to think it sometimes, but no two minds are the same! While this should be seen as a gift, it’s easy to follow in the footsteps of others – or let mindfulness fall by the wayside altogether. So, to truly reap the benefits of entering this head space, you must learn to make time for mindfulness in a way that works for you (and not for someone else).

Discarding the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach

With the world currently facing a mental health crisis further exacerbated by the global pandemic, mindfulness has come to the fore. Yet what is mindfulness exactly, and how can we apply this to our everyday endeavors? The truth is, we need to stop obsessing over what mindfulness is, and start considering what mindfulness isn’t. As convenient as it sometimes may seem, mindfulness is not an ‘app’ that can be downloaded. Equally, just because the latest Instagram influencer says mindfulness should work a certain way, doesn’t mean it will work for you. That doesn’t mean to say we should disregard the helpful tools at our disposal (and this includes our mindfulness coaches)! Instead, we should remain focused on our own unique paths. While they may not be clearly marked, following a ‘template’ for mindfulness only risks diverting us away from the truth.

Mindfulness from a place of truth

Speaking of truth, mindfulness provides us with the perfect opportunity to disengage from a world of distraction. When we return to what’s in our hearts, it may be we realize that our truth is the mission of someone else! Are we striving for certain things as a result of expectation? To a certain extent, we of course want to make both our peers and loved ones proud. But can that ultimately ignite the flame of abundance within ourselves? If the answer is no, then we’ve done the hard part! At some point or other, chances are we will all be swayed by the guidance of others in some way. Yet rather than take this advice as gospel, we must learn to return to the source and allow it to empower us on our own separate journeys.

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Infinite possibilities in your hands

Mindfulness is not something that can be mastered overnight. Yet by acknowledging and embracing our own ‘brand’ of mindfulness, we can enjoy the little wins it affords us as we go. We all dance with the universe in our own special way, so by restricting this expression to one specific dance step, we are giving in to the false idea of limitation! At the end of the day, this will only lead us to an end destination we don’t recognize – spurring many of us to give up on mindfulness, period. Yet by changing our mindset towards mindfulness, that weight can suddenly be lifted – while a world of opportunity awaits us on the other side.

Make time for mindfulness

Will you make time for mindfulness this fall? Even if this be for just 10 minutes a day, mindfulness is a powerful tool on our mission to seeking joyful, abundant, purpose-driven lives! Just remember, make time for mindfulness in a way that works for you. In the meantime, you can keep that spark alive by delving into the inspirational content found on my website, and beyond! You’ll find lots of insightful content here to keep that fire burning. Whether you explore my blog further, delve into my teachings through my bestselling books, or catch me on my weekly podcast, you’re sure to find something to inspire. Social media fan? Then why not join me for one of my live events? It’s never too late to live from the heart, and dream with your eyes wide open!

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