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One Small Step, One Giant Leap: 4 Ways Microshifting Can Help YOU Get Manifesting

There’s magic in the microshift…

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Fall is here and while the landscape may still be shifting, positive change is in the air. Turning over a new leaf is easier said than done, however. Whether we realize it or not, modern-day distractions are the bane of many of us reaching our true potential. These only make way for feelings of fear, anxiety, doubt and shame – often associated with the events from our past. As a result, the downward spiral descends – often with no visible way out. So, how can we push past this resistance when all seems lost? It’s time to rip off the band aid and make that leap – one small step at a time! Here’s 4 ways microshifting can help you get manifesting right now.

1 // It can make the impossible, possible

In a nutshell, microshifting is a consistent series of baby steps made towards a consciously chosen outcome. In isolation, a ‘microshift’ is the minimum deliverable we are all capable of, no matter how busy or chaotic our lives may feel. Dependent on where we are headed, this will look different to each and every one of us. Yet ultimately, they all share the common goal of effecting change through action. They say the first step is the hardest, yet by starting with that one small baby step, we are making that leap into the unknown and moving towards our goal. This could be as simple as replying to that email, or moving your desk to face the window. Either way, microshifting can help you get manifesting!

2 // It can help you ‘own’ your narrative

On the journey to manifesting success, we’ll learn many things about ourselves along the road. It may be that we take a new direction altogether, expanding in ways we never could have imagined. If we do find ourselves feeling like we’re back at ‘square one’, then this is only a good thing! It means the narrative has changed, which is only as a result of our choosing to take control. More often than not, we feel compelled to fulfil an obligation because someone has asked us to – even if that be our own family members. Yet by letting go of that expectation, many of us come to realize we’re on the wrong narrative altogether. The act of microshifting only helps to clear the way forward.

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3 // It can help you build momentum

Pair procrastination – which is thought to be linked to stress and anxiety – along with a lack of motivation, and you’re going nowhere fast. If we let it, this mindset can manifest into something that blocks any form of progress altogether. Instead, by making consistent steps in the direction of a conscious outcome, the wind is returned to our sails. In other words, we can start to manifest the outcome we wish to see in our lives. While practicing meditation is a great tool for getting our minds in shape, nothing within our reality will change without movement, and without momentum. With consistency being the key, microshifting can help you get manifesting by edging you along, albeit slowly, day by day, one footstep at a time.

4 // It can help you see the bigger picture

Through times of stress and uncertainty, looking to the future can feel overwhelming to say the least. Yet by microshifting towards our goal one step at a time, we are holding ourselves accountable. By taking responsibility for our actions along the way, we can also take more from the lessons we learn as we expand and grow in new ways. While keeping an open mind can of course prove an effective approach for many, heading in the direction of a conscious goal is what enforces our trajectory. Whether the bigger picture be related to wealth, health or forging strong relationships, microshifting can help you get manifesting, however you wish your story to end.

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Ready to get microshifting? By the time you’ve finished this blog, you’ve already made your first step! For inspiration on how to manifest a joyful, abundant, purpose-driven life, I’m here to offer my guidance. Why not explore my blog a little more or if podcasts are your thing,  tune into ‘Do It With Dan’ or ‘Beyond Success’ to hear from my special guests! For the bookworms keen to delve deeper into my works, my bestselling titles can be found just here. However you wish to further your learning, I wish you the best – from one microshift to the next!

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