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Manifesting Your Dream Job

Is manifesting your dream job possible – without knowing what it is?

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Want to know how to use the power of the mind, in manifesting your dream job? You could be focussing on the wrong thing…the job!

Hey guys and gals, it’s another blog from me over here at dreamwithdan.com I hope you’re all doing well and most importantly; enjoying your respective journeys. 

Today’s topic came from a question that was put to me and my co-host over on the LOA Today Podcast. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check it out here. 

“Has anyone manifested their dream career, without knowing what they wanted to do in the first place?”

This is a great question, but one that I think needs some unpacking before answering it. 

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I think that, normally when people ask this question, they’re really asking “can I reach a state of happiness in what I do for work, that also affords me a comfortable lifestyle?”

I’m not saying that’s necessarily what the question asker meant in this case, but it could be what you’re thinking dear reader – so I thought it worth addressing.

Ok, well let’s be clear about this: we are talking about folks who just don’t know what they want to do.

In many ways, those among us with the drive for success in something specific are blessed! They can lock on, laser-guided to their target with clear indicators as to their progress. Manifesting their dream job is easy in that regard, even if the road is long in practice.

For example: a good friend of mine is a professional actor. It was his calling since he was a kid and, through shear will, determination and talent; he has carved a career for himself in film and tv. Now in his case it’s a blessing because he’s very clear on what he wants, but he’s also in an industry that is so over-subscribed, finding decent work is incredibly difficult. It’s not impossible though and with the leverage over himself that he has, he’s been able to forge ahead regardless. 

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We’re not talking about him though. We’re talking about those of you who have maybe tried various industries, roles and what-have-you; and still haven’t found anything that feels like it ignites any passion within. You want to know if manifesting your dream job, is a: possible and b: going to bring you joy.

For me, with what I do for a living (or: the many things I do that also pay me) I never feel like I’m working. It’s honestly not what I would ever really call a ‘job’. I’ve had ‘jobs’ in the past that, at the time, I really loved doing and brought me creative fulfilment, but as it turned out; they weren’t forever. 

I suppose another flaw in the question is really: how would you know it’s your ‘dream job’ when you didn’t know what you want in the first place?

In other words: dream things, are things you dream about before obtaining them…right? So it wouldn’t be your dream job technically, only in hindsight. 

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I suppose you can counter that with: ‘the “dream” aspect refers to my state of being, rather than the job itself.’ That’s fair enough I suppose. One of my training techniques for the subconscious, is practicing the emotional payoff of the outcome you want and disregarding how it will come to you. So I suppose this is a spin on that. 

Indeed: drawing from my own life, what has lead me to where I am is ‘following my joy.’ That sounds a lot easier than it really is, because understanding your response to things is tough when you really drill down into it. 

Nevertheless – it starts with being open. Open up to the universe, for it to show you the things that will bring you joy. Start small, see what comes and start unpacking the things within it that inspire joy within you. 

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Once you have that, keep focussing on the things that bring you joy and follow them. Trust me when I say: simply by focussing your attention on something, you will start to see more of it. Follow the joy, amplify it by focussing on it and pretty soon you’ll be in your ‘dream job.’

In fact by those standards – any job can be your dream job. 

I’d also say that you need to be careful with how you approach your career. If you embark upon a new position or vocation, placing upon it the weight or expectation that it needs to unveil to you, your dream – you will undoubtably miss all of the small areas of joy to be gleaned, looking past them for the ‘big ticket’ life-affirming payoff. 

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If every job has to be your dream job, or it’s worthless, you’ll likely never find the one that delivers what you want. See it as stepping onto a ladder of joy. Take each small rung as it comes to you, and eventually you’ll find yourself at the top. 

So is manifesting your dream job possible?

As long as you have followed your joy, wherever that ladder takes you is going to be to your dream job. It will have, in essence: manifested for you!

Thank you so much for reading this blog, from the bottom of my heart! If you enjoyed it, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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