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Why There’s Always Room For Growth

The journey doesn’t end here…

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At any given point in our lives, there’s always room for growth. This will of course look (and feel) different for all of us. Whether it’s the lessons we learn through childhood, the passage of adolescence, or the challenges we face through adulthood. Yet the truth is, it doesn’t start (or stop) at any given time. From the moment we are born, we embark upon life’s great journey. While many believe that retirement age signals the end of this chapter, we continue to expand in different ways beyond being ‘middle-aged’. If you’ve heard of (or even experienced) mid-life crisis, it may be due to this very mindset; that once you hit a certain age, your time is up! As something we often associate with our earlier years, growth is not a hurdle to overcome. Rather, it gives us momentum to make progress and continue expanding our hearts and minds as individuals. To grow is to be human, whatever shape that journey may take. No matter your age, there’s always room for growth.

Growing through vulnerability

There’s always room for growth, but what if we backtrack? What if the path is not as straightforward as it once seemed? While on the path to growth, how can we take the lessons we’ve learned to shape that better version of ourselves? Feelings of guilt, shame and vulnerability are responsible for stunting this growth, often holding us back from that next step (however big or small). To make mistakes is, again, to be human; it’s crucial therefore that we make these slip-ups in order to find the way forward! Speaking from personal experience, the moment I chose to step into my vulnerability – and not away from it – was a life-altering experience. What was a vulnerable state of mind for me then may look quite different to how I feel today. Yet by leaning into it, that realm of vulnerability became a new level of experience that I continue to draw strength from.

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Surround yourself with people that challenge you

We all crave closure in life; we thrive off change and ‘levelling up’ to the next stage. Whether that’s a promotion in our professional lives or a building a home in our personal lives – we continue to climb that ladder. So, when we seemingly reach the top of that mountain, what next? Are we too old and frail to go climb a new mountain elsewhere? Absolutely not! But if we’re lacking motivation or feeling disillusioned, it’s probably for a reason. By surrounding yourself with mentors you can learn from and immersing yourself in challenging experiences, you’ll soon find your mind expanding in brand new ways. Growth isn’t a straight line; sometimes there are forks in the road, and other times we veer off course completely. It’s because of the people that challenge me with questions I’m often unable to answer that I continue to commit to my own personal development, and always will.

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There’s always room for growth (it just takes different forms)

When it comes to growth, there is no full stop until the curtain falls. As mentioned previously, no two journeys are the same. Just because somebody else appears to be ‘winning’ at life, doesn’t mean that you are not. As humans, the majority of us were never meant to pause. While taking a step back to marvel at your progress is a truly magnificent thing, feeling gratitude and then having the ability to move on will only help you progress further towards a purpose-driven life of joy and abundance. In my book Stepping Beyond Intention, I discuss how – through a series of four steps – you can move past resistance and continue on that growth path; regardless of whether you have an end destination! For more inspiration, explore my blog for further discussion on growth and expansion. Or why not head over to my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast where my guest speakers offer their pearls of wisdom on living a life of intention. If you’re a social scroller, head over to my Facebook and Instagram pages where you’ll receive the latest scoop – as well as my review shows, Q&A sessions, live coaching, and so much more! I hope to see you there.

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