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An Honest Guide to Meditation and How it Can Help You

Time to quiet your mind

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! I hope you’re all having a great week so far. Today, I’d like to talk about meditation; yes meditation (the thing I tell people not to do)! You might be surprized, therefore, to hear me say that meditation matters. Why? Because it’s a crucial part of the journey to an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life. While easy to dismiss as ‘woo-woo’ and not worthy of our precious time, I’m here to convince you otherwise. If finding time to meditate is proving difficult however, then you’re not alone. For meditation, we need to make time – as hard as that may sometimes seem! So, let’s get to it. How can meditation help you? Why should you make room for it in your life? And how have my own experiences shaped my stance on what meditation means today?

It all began with an apple

Yes, you heard me correctly (and my name’s not Isaac Newton)! Every journey starts with a mentor, but mine began with an apple. One of my first spiritual teachers simply instructed me to stare at an apple all day and think of nothing but divine love! While that all sounds very romantic, it wasn’t the best introduction to the practice of meditation (as I’m sure you’ll agree). For the following few years, I left meditation well and truly alone; I was convinced it wasn’t for me! It wasn’t until 2015/16 when I was introduced to the work of Dr Joe Dispenza that it opened back up for me. While Joe focused more on accessing the quantum field, I quickly learned how meditation played a different role. With this hypnotic practice, it was the meditative state that enabled us to embark on a journey. This is what resonated with me, and continues to resonate all these years later – from my own personal practice to my continued work in this field.

Meditation is about ‘plugging in’

So, how exactly did Dr Joe Dispenza’s teachings set me on a different course? I realized that, contrary to popular belief, meditation isn’t about ‘the act’. Instead, it’s about the state of being. I also realized that there is no one way to meditate – as lovely as a retreat to the mountains may sound! How I tap into the meditative state, for example, will be different to you. Some people may access it while out on their morning jog, while others will experience it sitting still. However we choose to go about it, the meditative state is about plugging in and reconnecting with that part of ourselves we often lose sight of. For many, meditation is tool that can be used to develop mastery over our thoughts and emotional state. Some people use it to heal or connect to the heart, while others (like myself) use it as a platform from which to create. Ultimately however, it’s just a doorway. It’s what’s on the other side of that door that really matters.

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Understanding meditation and how it can help you

Okay, so the doorway is just one analogy – but let’s not get hung up on stepping through it (even if it is painted your favorite color)! Instead, the focus should be on how you access that meditative state in a way that works for you. Not everything you read about meditation will speak to your heart, as I’ve come to learn over the years. As a volunteer at an event for Dr Joe Dispenza, there were people there who openly opposed his views on meditation! But, as always will be the case, we are all unique beings treading on equally unique paths. It’s therefore about making a conscious decision to explore what quiets your mind. Is it through your most relaxed yoga pose, playing an instrument, or carrying out your daily chores? Is it for 5 minutes here and there, or 10 minutes at the start and end of your busy day? Once you find your groove, only then can you effectively enter that state at will.

Go forth with intention

Having the ability to access the meditative state is easier said than done! It takes time and patience to understand the most effective strategy for you (as non-meditative as that may sound)! Once you’ve cracked it therefore, it’s most definitely worth celebrating. Yet by doing so, it’s easy to let the practice of meditation fall by the wayside. With any new challenge we set for ourselves, a lack of consistency can often signal the end of the line, when really the journey has just begun. So how can you hope to move forward? Only through entering the meditative state, practicing gratitude, and proceeding with intention can you go on to reap the real rewards. Regardless of what that ‘meditation’ looks like, find a way that speaks to you, do it consistently, and embrace it with intention. Keen to find out more? Why not give my book ‘Stepping Beyond Intention’ a read. Here I introduce my Beyond Intention Paradigm, and the tools to empower you to break through and live the life that was meant for you.

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Ready, steady, go!

Whether you call on the powers of meditation or not, a purpose-driven life of joy and abundance is closer than you think. You owe it to yourself, regardless of the path that brought you here! Now that I’ve got you, why not decompress by exploring my blog a little longer, or find out more about my bestselling books. If you haven’t listened already, my podcast ‘Do It With Dan’ also features a whole host of lovely folk keen to help you realize your potential. Whether you’re seeking to manifest money, improved health, or relationships, be sure to tune in for guidance and inspiration. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, it means the world to me. As always, sending much love and strength your way. Your journey has just begun!

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