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Banish the Fear of Failure to Dream with Your Eyes Open

It’s easy once you know how

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Hello everyone, and a very warm welcome to the blog. I’m so grateful that you took the time to visit my website – from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I hope you find strength and solace in joining our wonderful community for the days, months and years to come. If you didn’t know it yet, my mantra, motto, catchphrase (for want of a better word!) is ‘dream with your eyes open’. But what do I mean by this exactly? And how can we banish the fear of failure in order to achieve our real potential? With today’s world commanded by fear, I thought it only right to tackle this subject head on.  Without further ado, I’ll be exploring the power of the five little words ‘dream with your eyes open’; and for those of you struggling to get there – how letting go of uncertainty can help you live the abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life that you deserve.

It began with choosing life

I like to speak openly about my struggles on here, and for good reason. If I hadn’t experienced that ‘sense’ of overwhelming failure as a young adult, then I wouldn’t be here doing what I do today. While we shouldn’t let our past narratives define us, it was my own set of ‘mistakes’ that veered me off course. In seeking to find the solution to my misery however, I found myself following the most unexpected path. During my mission to solve the great puzzle that was (and still is) manifestation that lasts, I re-wired my brain into choosing life. I like to describe it as ‘polluting my mind with positivity’ – as strange as that sounds! But at a time when all I could see was darkness, that positive energy became my guiding light; it became my drive to succeed in finding the answer. It was in this moment that I opened my eyes – for what felt like the very first time! Put simply, ‘dream with your eyes open’ was born as a result of a problem needing a solution.

The need to share my message

So, I made the decision to choose life – but what happened next? While it may sound like I chose life to be of ‘service’ to the world, I can’t honestly say that was the case! I’d been fortunate enough to enjoy a number of luxuries in my early years as an entrepreneur; I had a nice house, flashy wardrobe, and flew first class all over the world. While I wasn’t interested in ‘fame’ or appearing on the cover of magazines, I was – perhaps selfishly – interested in returning to that comfortable life. But deep down, I knew things had to change. I still hadn’t finished my book, and it felt like something was missing. By losing sight of my true calling, I was unable to share the message that meant so much to me. It was then one morning that the universe told me to quit faffing around! I’d had my fun, but now was the time to ‘pat myself on the back’ and strive for meaning. How? By helping others who, like me, struggled to see the point in shooting for the stars.

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Banish the fear of failure to dream with your eyes open

When I speak to clients starting their journey, we tend to begin with the obvious question: ‘what is it that holds you back’? And yes, you guessed it, the fear of failure ranks pretty high! The fear of failure is what continues to stifle so many of us – and for no good reason. This all comes back to expectation – whether that’s of society, our friends, family or colleagues. We worry about slipping up, but more alarmingly, we worry that we won’t live up to the expectations of others. Before we go any further, I’ll let you in on a little secret. These expectations are, more often than not, a complete illusion! The truth is that we go about our lives guided by our own projections of what we think people are feeling or saying. We give so much weight to the input of others, even when it’s imagined. We give them so much power that we allow those illusions to stop us in our tracks. While it can be hard to break free of this stuck state, fear of failure is, for this very reason, often not warranted at all!

You can change the narrative

That’s right, it’s all within your power! Once you’re consciously aware of failure holding you back, it is possible to re-write your story. Start by looking yourself in the mirror. Is your anxiety a result of a narrative you created based on your own fears? Are your own disempowering and contractive expectations ruling over you – without you even realizing? ‘Dream with your eyes open’ is about letting go of failure and understanding one thing: even the words people truly speak hold power because we choose to give it to them. The reality is that none of this is even remotely important. Ultimately, we are in this alone! It all comes down to our own unique experiences and how we choose to dance with the universe. Everything else is just sprinkles! If you’re ready to dream with your eyes open, an earlier work of mine, ‘The Dreamer’s Manifesto’, breaks this down even further. If fear is your ‘weakness’, use it as your motivation to live the life of your dreams. You’ll soon see that the journey has just begun!

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Dream with your eyes open

Want to know something? You’ve already moved closer to an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life – just by being here! Banish the fear of failure to dream with your eyes open, and things will soon start to take a very different shape. If you’re willing to stay a while, there’s lots more to keep your mind busy and your heart happy. Why not explore my blog a little longer, or give my podcast ‘Do It With Dan’ a listen? Everyone is welcome! If books are more your groove, ‘The Dreamer’s Manifesto’ joins a whole range of bestselling titles waiting to be explored. All that’s missing is you! I hope you enjoyed reading, and I wish you well on your new adventure – wherever it may lead. Above all, don’t forget to dream with your eyes open.

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