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My Definition of Manifestation

What it truly means to manifest the missing spark

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As the world seeks to rebuild itself, words like ‘manifesting’ and ‘manifestation’ have become sexified of late. Just scroll through your Instagram feed; you’ll be sure to find yet another business or influencer marketing the perfect ‘recipe’ to manifestation. Not to mention the long hiatus from our own self-development. Therefore, it’s no wonder we feel driven to take control of our destiny. But what is the definition of manifestation? How can it help us achieve a purpose-driven life of joy and abundance? Can such a superpower truly see us rise like a phoenix from the ashes? And what must we do to possess such an ability?

Only we hold the power to manifest our dreams

The truth is, manifestation isn’t magic (no spell book or cauldron required). In fact, it’s something we all do innately on a regular basis, day in day out. Some might argue that the word manifestation is a fancy term for another marketing opportunity off the back of books like ‘The Secret’; yet again, this ropes us into thinking we must do things a certain way (or it won’t work at all). Ironically, this is the polar opposite of what manifestation actually is! Manifestation is a unique journey for each and every one of us, and we all approach it differently; equally, it is a tool we can all use to alter our reality if we truly put our minds (and hearts) to it.

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My definition of manifestation

As human beings, we are all creating all of the time. When I talk about manifestation, I begin by plugging into our collective agreement of the word. I pull people away from nonsensical ideas and back to consciously choosing what they’re creating. It’s easy to ‘sleepwalk’ into the act of creation without any real regard for the consequences. Or what about what we want to see from that creation as a result? This may sound a little ‘woo-woo’, but it’s all part of a bigger, deliberate process of choosing what we wish to experience. Manifestation goes beyond just meditating, yoga practice, or whatever our shaman’s philosophy happens to be that week! We all have different methods, yet all too often we romanticize the idea of manifesting something good. We get so wound up in the early stages of our journey, we fail to remember why we’re doing it.

So, how to effect change through manifestation?

Ultimately, my definition of manifestation can be broken down into three steps.

Step 1

The ability to have a direct impact on our emotional state and hold the vibrational frequency of what we want to create.

Step 2

Having a mindset and belief system that allows us to receive and follow through on that vibration into manifestation.

Step 3

The willingness to show up on a daily basis to both match and embody these things.

One of the things people tend to lose sight of is – in order to experience something in physical reality – we need to move through time and space, embodying it within physical reality. Without this realization, we cannot successfully make any progress in the right direction.

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Don’t get caught up in the magic (if it means forgetting about life)

While there are books and courses out there designed to help us appreciate the magic in life, it’s easy to become side-tracked! Through manifestation, the choices that we make must be directed into what we’re doing, thinking, and where we’re at vibrationally. Are all of these things pointing to what we want to create? Are these things happening against the backdrop of our unconscious programs, or are we in the driving seat with the ability to choose what shows up? Only by asking these questions can we truly know whether we are manifesting a purpose-filled life of joy and abundance.

To help you on your journey, you’ll find more on the subject of manifestation right here on my blog. Or why not explore the Beyond Intention Paradigm in my book ‘Stepping Beyond Intention’, created to help you move past that ‘stuck state’ and embrace the life you’ve always dreamed of? If podcasts are more your bag, my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast features special guests every month sharing their words of advice on how to manifest abundance.

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