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Wield The Power Over Your Emotional State To Achieve Your Dreams

How owning our emotional state can help us own our future

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Do you hold dominion over your emotional state? How can doing so help us achieve our goals in the long run? While it may take time to nurture this relationship, it counts in so many ways; for commanding our emotional state can help us effect the outcomes we truly wish to experience. From feeling as though we’re following the wrong trajectory, to our goals edging further out of reach; we’ll explore how wielding the power over our emotional state can empower us to live abundant, joyful, purpose-driven lives.

A penny for your thoughts

Every action begins with a thought, and these thoughts all follow a journey to become part of our physical reality. A principle on alignment that I teach called the ‘Flow Funnel’ explores this in more detail. It starts by recognizing that all of our thoughts sit above our three-dimensional reality; as real as they may sometimes seem, they are not something we can use our senses to engage with. Similarly, when it comes to our emotional state, it’s not something we can taste or touch. It does, however, have the ability to shape and command our thoughts. If we consider ‘crimes of passion’ and ‘mind over matter’, we can acknowledge a hierarchy of things affecting each other. All the experiences we wish to manifest are as a result of the behavior impacted by our emotional state. In other words, our lives are always shaped by where we are at mentally.

Wield the power over your emotional state, control the unconscious mind

Whatever success looks like to you, control over your unconscious mind empowers you to make it your reality. Whether that’s closing a sale, holding onto relationships or simply having the ability to show up; it is our choices and behaviors that ultimately lead us to these outcomes, and will continue to do so. Having dominion over our unconscious minds means having dominion over that first phase of heavy lifting; as our emotional state affects how we think, owning it means we can do the heavy lifting at an even higher level. As a result, this will only lead to our having more specific, targeted thoughts. If we are intentional with these thoughts, they will lead to habits and behaviors that result in the outcomes we consciously choose.

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How mindfulness can help us connect with our emotional state

Whatever mindfulness looks like to you, it can – in this case – help us to connect to our emotional state. Why? Because the conscious relationship that comes from mindfulness brings our awareness back to our present reality. This enables us to consciously choose our outcome (together with the path that leads us there). By using mindfulness as a tool to engage with our brains at an unconscious level, we can begin to build intentions that connect specifically to these end destinations. In turn, this helps us to identify and develop the most ‘optimized version’ of our emotional state that leads to our experiences. This empowers us to have those thought processes and have that envisioning with greater ease, and greater clarity. We can then understand more about what we want a lot quicker which, arguably, makes it more likely to happen. Without having a conscious relationship with ourselves that allows us to make these choices, we cannot hope to reach that end destination.

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Getting acquainted with your emotional state

While these things of course take time, getting to know your emotional state – and thinking hard on what truly lights you up – can help you wield the power over your unconscious mind. Before you know it, you’ll have the ability to dream with your eyes open. In other words, the dreams that often feel impossible to make true will become a reality because you’ve made the conscious decision to put them there! In the meantime, you’ve come to the right place for lots of informative, inspiring material to help you manifest your vision of success. Whether you choose to explore my blog further, tune into my podcasts ‘Do It With Dan’ or ‘Beyond Success’, or give one of my bestselling books a read, I’m here to help you feel empowered and take control of your narrative.

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