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5 Ways The Truth Can Help You Unlock Abundance

To speak the truth is to speak from the heart

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The truth, believe it or not, is hard to come by these days! In a world full of so many unknowns, the answers to our questions can sometimes be hard to find. But, regardless of the truth we seek out there, it’s the truth we find in ourselves that emboldens us. With full dominion over our own truth, we are empowered to effect the change we wish to see in our reality. This is the change that disregards falsehood and the expectations of others, so that we may live an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life. In this blog, we’ll explore 5 ways the truth can help you unlock abundance, and live the life only you were meant to lead.

1. The truth comes from a place of expansion (not contraction)

Want to know the truth about the truth (?!) It’s intimidating. Why? Because sometimes it can be a bitter pill to swallow, and therefore makes us vulnerable. ‘Ignorance is bliss’ as the saying goes. In other words, the truth ain’t always pretty! Now more than ever before, we see the truth filtered before our very eyes. Yet without the truth, there can be no real momentum (and thus little progress). The truth can help you unlock abundance because it comes from a place of expansion. We are all on a journey of growth, with the truth our north star – always guiding in the right direction

2. The truth dictates the narrative that speaks to your heart

What role does the truth play in your life’s narrative? Are you following the narrative of others just to meet expectations? With the busyness of life a convenient distraction, it’s easy to settle for less. The truth, on the other hand, can be harder (and more effort) to accept. When you really think about it, it may be that you realize the life you are leading is not the life you chose. Yet, no matter how far down the line that may be, you are still in control of re-writing that future. The truth can help you unlock abundance by re-shaping that narrative so that you are headed to a destination of your choosing.

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3. The truth helps you be realistic with yourself

While goal-setting is great, the reality can be different – particularly when we’re prone to giving up after the first hurdle! Being honest with yourself is about setting realistic expectations that you know are within your limits. Consistency is key to maintaining that momentum, even by making the smallest of steps! I like to use ‘micro-shifting’ as an example here. A micro-shift is a change that we as individuals know we are capable of making. It’s the smallest, minimum deliverable we can make every day in the direction of a consciously chosen outcome; whether that be logging a diary entry or saying yes to a meeting.

4. The truth reminds you to have empathy

Progress, in whatever capacity, equals success. But as you’ll no doubt have experienced, things can go wrong! It’s in that very moment that truth gives you a choice. Either accept that you are human and that mistakes are inevitable, or give up there and then. When we occasionally veer off course, truth empowers us with the strength to bounce back. In the meantime, by treating our own selves with empathy and self-love, we are reminded that such diversions are part of the bigger picture. Without such experiences, our path would look different, but without the lessons we all crucially need to grow.

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5. The truth can help you unlock abundance – and joy

To be joyful is to embrace the natural way of things – and the truth can help you realize that reality. Being open with yourself and others can help you tap into that joy and welcome abundance as a result. Cast your mind back to childhood and playing with friends. In that moment of truth was joy and within that joy abundant happiness. While the truth is not always the easiest thing to hear, accepting it and embracing it is the only way to discovering your heart’s true calling and desire.

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