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You Can Have it NOW!

Just because something seems a long way away, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start moving towards it!

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Hello everyone and welcome to another week of joy and abundance! Another week of opportunity lies before us, YES!! Breathe it in and feel that sweet, sweet gratitude. 

So today I wanted to talk to you about our tendency to see things as far away or unobtainable right now. We tell ourselves that we’re not ready yet, that things have to fall in place first or any number of other dismissive, distraction techniques. 

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My word of encouragement to you, if you find yourself in the afore mentioned scenario, is that you don’t have to wait. Even though there may really be things in your world that have to come together first, that doesn’t stop you taking steps here and now, in order to move towards what you deserve. 

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I would also encourage you to really dig deep and ask yourself why you’re not taking action, and be honest with yourself (don’t worry, nobody is around to hear the answer). So often, when we exhibit these traits, what we’re really saying is that we don’t feel worthy of our dreams and desires. So we cover it all up with excuses and reasons why we just can’t take any action right now, or why doing so would just be futile, when in actuality; we’re just covering for our unworthiness. 

We have to cut this BS story!

I’m not saying that you have to make the leap to your ideal lifestyle right now, and that anything else just won’t do. Of course not! It’s thinking like that, that leads you around in a circle, in fairly short order, back to square one and reenforcing your feelings of unworthiness. 

Just take a step, today, now; towards your goal. It could be anything so long as it’s within your remit and achievable now. 

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One of my clients was in exactly this frozen position, unable to get off the starting blocks in a certain area of his life because he just didn’t feel worthy of such a seismic shift in his lifestyle. What we encouraged him to do, on that day, was to just put his journal by his bed when he went to sleep that night. That way there wouldn’t be any resistance to him, the following morning, writing down the things he was going to do that day. 

This might work for you, or you could just go online and start compiling a list of actions, based on what you find, that will start you off in the right direction. You might find others that you can connect to who will offer advice and share with you their story, so you can see that actually: it is possible and you are worthy!

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It’s all out there guys. Other people do it all the time and no: they’re no different to you or me in terms of their worthiness! Not really. You have the wealth of the world’s experience at your fingertips these days, and for the most part: it’s free! So do your research, start making steps in the right direction and just focus on the next step. Don’t allow in that sense of overwhelm and celebrate each step as a major accomplishment. 


Because your subconscious, that irritating voice that’s been perpetuating the narrative that you’re not worthy, does not know the difference. If you start celebrating physically and emotionally, every time you complete your next step, as though you’ve achieved your broader goal; eventually it’s going to start making that your narrative and your BS stories of unworthiness will be a thing of the past. 

As discussed guys, here is the video to accompany this blog. Please check it and my channel out, for more great content. Have a great week and keep dreaming with your eyes open!

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