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Don’t Try to Dictate the Path!

It’s time to get out of the way

I want to talk to you in this blog about the need for letting go and allowing miracles to show up for you.

The universe offers us infinite possibilities, so why do we insist on getting in the way?!

Now I know that this may seem counter-intuitive in relation to some of my guidance around being specific about our intentions. When I talk about that though, I am not talking about the “how” so much as the “what”.  

How something will show up for you can be in infinite ways, so why confine that to your own belief system?! You may think that you have an expansive imagination (and I’m sure that may well be true, relatively speaking) but trust me; you ain’t got nothing on the universe!

One of the methods that I teach in my book The Money Game is to set the amount you want, and then make a game of “I wonder how this money is going to come to me”.

One of my students told me, just the other day having started The Money Game that an old work place, somewhere that they don’t even work any more, had settled some kind of law suit and were sending them a cheque for $2,500!! Out of nowhere!

This was their biggest win so far and it came completely out of left field. Why? Because they weren’t thinking about it! 

Now I’m no saint when it comes to this. It is hard, especially so the further you increase what you’re asking for, to keep your mind from trying to grasp and control how things are going to come to you: “what if this/that doesn’t happen” “If it doesn’t come this way, it won’t come at all” etc…

When there’s a lot riding on something it’s extra hard to let go, but trust me…Get out of the universe’s way!!

You ain’t got nothing on the universe!

So, top tips:

Tip 1 – Make it a game & have fun.

Tip 2 – Once you set it, forget about it.

This is how you stop your own mind getting in the way and allow miracles to start showing up for you. 

That’s your thought for the week. Keep it in mind as you go through your day. Keep dreaming with your eyes open and living an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life. 

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