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Nobody Cares!

Got a complaint? Nobody cares.

Ok, a little harsh but hopefully by the end of this you’ll get what I mean. 

So often, the energy that we’re putting into complaining and apportioning blame, is being directed at people who really don’t think about us as much as we might think. 

We are better served taking that energy and diverting it into doing what actually works! Making consistent, conscious, deliberate choices in the direction of what we want to show up for us, is so much more productive. 

This is no overnight thing. We will have to do this over a period of time that may be undetermined.

We will have to put the work in three-dimensionally (i.e. take action), but it is the energy behind that action, on a fifth-dimensional level, that we have to focus on. The necessary actions will follow as long as the energy behind them is in alignment with our desired outcome. 

We have to focus!!

I recently decided to dedicate myself to a program of change, that is requiring me to allot two hours per day of my time to it. Now, my commitment to doing this is for as long as it takes! I have to find these two hours by sacrificing luxuries like watching Netflix. 

Where on Earth would I find the time to complain about others?! I just don’t have it and neither do you.

So my ‘take home’ for you today is simple: 

Nobody cares, so stop complaining. The only person being paid off by the complaint is YOU!

Break the addiction and divert that energy into doing the fifth-dimensional work, to take the three-dimensional action needed to effect positive change in your life!

The only person being paid off by the complaint is YOU!

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