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Why Do We Break the Momentum?

How many times have you taken your foot off the gas, right when something is working for you?!

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Greetings Dreamers! 

Welcome to another Dream With Dan Blog. I hope this week has been (and continues to be) another joyful one for you. 

Today I wanted to talk about something that cropped up for me recently, that I think is probably relevant to an awful lot of us. 

As you know: I am a busy guy. No humble-brag intended, it’s just the way I live my life. As you also know: I invest a lot in myself, be it through coaching, training or mindful practices. This, as you can imagine, requires a lot of ‘To-Do’ lists. 

I was going over one such list the other morning (I get up at 3:45) and found that I hadn’t done one of my check-in, mirror practices. This is based around personal affirmations, ‘atunement’ and so on. That’s not really important here, what is important is that it had been working for me and I had not done it. 


I couldn’t figure it out. I had broken what was quite a nice rhythm, seemingly for no reason. 

Those of you who know me, know that I’d never leave something like that alone. I had to interrogate this further and figure out why I had, in essence; sabotaged myself. 

It’s incredibly common for people to get on a winning streak with something, only to drop whatever it is that’s working for them and ‘fall off the wagon’. 


Well as always: the answer lies within us. 

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You see, the universe doesn’t know the difference between a big win and a small one. This is why you’ll often hear my telling folks to celebrate even the smallest of wins, as though they were the main goal they were aiming for. Give it the same emotional charge and the universe will look to provide more in kind. 

Where we get caught out, however, is when we start getting in the way and judging, or attributing value, to our wins. 

I have had clients for whom everything is working, they’re making more and more money, getting great satisfaction out of their creativity; when all of a suddenly they stop! They start to impose their perspective on their wins and wind up discounting (and subsequently: discontinuing) what has been working for them. 

Our judgement is a very powerful disrupter of our momentum!

We’re always making choices in connection with where we’re headed, always! It doesn’t matter whether it’s conscious or unconscious; you’re choosing 24/7. Even something as simple as breathing! You don’t consciously take every breath, but your subconscious does and good thing too! Choosing not to will, in short order, take you far away from your life goals (at least I hope that’s the case)!

When you come to teachers/mentors/guides/gurus/programs for help in changing your life; you are consciously choosing a different outcome for yourself. It’s in the times when nobody is looking or holding us to account, and we don’t feel like doing a practice we’ve done to death (or so it seems) that our integrity is tested. 

If you say to yourself: “eh…it’s just some mirror work” or “eh…I can meditate later, I feel fine now” you have just made a choice out of alignment with who and where you want to be! 

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Once again: the universe cares not how big or small something is, but it does care how much you attribute to it. If it’s not important enough to you to choose to do, the results will not come. Simple. 

This could be bound up in underlying issues around unworthiness, imposter-syndrome etc… that’s a topic for another time. The conscious, mindful work remains the same. 

So my advice to you is: next time you feel like taking your foot off the gas, in a moment of laziness or whatever – ask yourself whether you’re truly committed to your supposedly desired outcome? Treat the choice before you as though it were choosing to have the exact life you want right now. As though it were the final piece of the jigsaw that would end all your problems, ushering in a dream life of abundance, joy and purpose! 

Hold yourselves to account, stay the course and the results will come. I promise, and more importantly: the universe promises!!

Holding so much love for you all and wishing you all of the joy you deserve! 

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