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Reject The Cookie Cutter Approach To Forge A Life Of Intention

When it comes to finding happiness, there is no “one size fits all”

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How do you define happiness? While the obvious things – food on the table, a roof over our heads, good health – will spring to mind, it is in fact a more complex concept. Why? Because we are all as unique as the stardust that made us.  For this reason, there is no way that one version of happiness could ever match the other. Sadly, those “sold” the idea of happiness may at first feel fulfilled, but will later come to realize that it wasn’t fully theirs; this manifests in many ways, as we’ll explore later! Instead, it is other people’s projection of happiness – from the media to our very own families – that often diverts us onto the wrong path. In this blog, I’m here to encourage you to reject the cookie cutter approach. While not an easy road, being true to your own calling is the only way to forge a life of intention – something each and every one of us is capable of doing.

He who fails the most, wins

So, how do we go about answering that calling – and if we don’t yet know what that is yet – how do we discover it? The hard truth is, we have to make mistakes to find our true path! It’s how we expand, and it’s how we grow. The damaging moral theory of perfectionism is all just smoke and mirrors. Yet it’s due to these impossible expectations of modern society that we feel we’re letting others – and worst of all, ourselves – down. Speaking from experience, it was due to my own life-shattering “failures” that I’m where I am today. At the time I couldn’t see that; instead, I watched my world spin out of control (with no way out). In my quest for a permanent ending, I emerged a different person entirely and found myself consciously choosing life. Through my own mistakes, I had found my purpose and vowed to forge a life of intention by sharing these experiences.

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There is no “light bulb moment”

Sadly, there is no light bulb moment when it comes to establishing your true calling. More often than not, it actually happens by accident! After letting my own success slip away as a young entrepreneur, I went on a journey to establish the missing links, how could I be successful in my endeavors, and hold onto them. This was very much a gradual process where I manifested outcomes – of which the bi-product is what I do today. I meandered onto this path and by doing so, came to understand the importance of our environments; how that impacts our mind, the choices we make, our emotional state, our actions and behaviors, and the life that we live. My trauma suddenly became a gift that not only empowered me on my journey, but allowed me to give back to others who hit rock bottom. Light bulb moments do happen from time to time, but often by tracing our steps back do we then see the light.

Reject the cookie cutter approach for something that you know

Living a life of intention is ultimately about getting clear on what you want. The cookie cutter approach, as shiny and enticing as it may seem, is not going to bring you long-term success. I’ve seen people win and I’ve seen people lose. For those that try to force something to work for them, it doesn’t normally pay off. People will trust in the latest strategy or funnel hack for example, and while it works for some – it simply cannot for others. My Money DNA teachings and Money Game book explore where that natural groove exists; how we should look for the teachers, the methods and modalities that match that natural flow, and why we should go with that. That doesn’t mean cutting ourselves off from expansion. It just means building a stronger foundation from which we can successfully seek that growth from a place that we know.

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Are you ready to let go of feeling unhappy?

Other people, places and things have trained us to believe in what we believe our whole lives; that doesn’t mean to say that these “aspirations” are accurate! Often, this is where the process of mid-life-crisis begins. Someone dedicates all their energy and resources to a high-flying career or even starting a family. They get the white picket fence, but really they want to go and live in the jungle! Rich, famous, successful people may look happy on the outside, but they’ve spent their whole lives building something that they didn’t necessarily choose – which is often the result of the problems that follow; they can’t find meaning in the reality that they’ve created. Once we reject the idea of a cookie cutter lifestyle, and understand just how much of our mind is preset with content that was put there without our say, we can begin to question it. Only then can we make progress towards our real dreams – free from the obligations and expectations of others. We can forge a life of intention from what truly lights us up.

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