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5 Ways Micro-shifting Can Help You Achieve Abundance

To micro-shift, or not to micro-shift, that is the question!

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Stuck in a rut? Struggling to make change happen? As the global pandemic continues to shroud the future with doubt, both our self-confidence and self-worth continue to suffer. That paired with the day-to-day monotony of our lack-luster routines, and it’s no wonder we feel like we’ve lost our way. While our health and safety of course must come first, this has been to the detriment of our ambitions and aspirations. These form a significant part of who we are, as without them, there is no motivation for progress in any direction.  In this blog, I explore how micro-shifting can help you achieve abundance.

You’re more in control than you give yourself credit

So, what can we do to change the story? As we find ourselves in the midst of a global mental health crisis, it’s crucial to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hope always finds a way. It’s also important to know that – in a world that feels largely out of our control – you still own the future. With dominion over your own choices, you wield the power to make a change. And that’s where micro-shifting comes into play. You may be surprized to hear that – to a certain degree – you’re doing it already!

Whether it’s the appointment you made to see your doctor, or the bank account you just opened. These are all small steps in the direction of what you want to achieve.

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Micro-shifting can help you achieve abundance

What is micro-shifting, and do I have time?’ The answer is: yes! To break it down, micro-shifting is a series of baby steps made in the direction of a consciously chosen outcome. It’s the minimal deliverable you know you can achieve within your day that moves you closer to your destination. Moving the furniture around for change of scenery to help you focus your mind? That is a micro-shift!

How you micro-shift will look different to how I micro-shift – or anyone else for that matter. But by making these consistent steps, we keep the momentum going – no matter how challenging the world may seem. We move past resistance to achieve our goals more effectively. Here’s 5 reasons micro-shifting can help you achieve abundance.

1. Anyone can do it – that’s you, your parents, your neighbor – maybe even your children! While we all have the potential for quantum leaps, we all have the capacity for baby steps. That makes micro-shifting a given for anyone, no matter their age or personal circumstance. With the pressure removed from the ‘idea’ of manifesting bigger outcomes, it also makes small but steady progress more likely to happen.

2. It builds a winning mentality – it doesn’t matter how small the step. All your mind knows is that you’ve achieved to set out what you’d planned for the day. If your goal was to send an email to that coach, you’re a winner from the moment you hit send! Keep achieving these mini wins, and you’ll soon adopt a winning mentality (and feel all the better for it). Naturally, this can help you move closer to goals, with added gust to your sails.

3. It empowers you to take control – with much of our narrative determined by our subconscious, micro-shifting is about small, consistent actions that help make us more self-aware. Being mindful over these deliberate actions can not only help propel us forward, but can also prompt us to challenge the pre-written programs our minds continue to run on. When it comes to the invisible barriers we all face through life, our unconscious minds always have a lot to answer for!

4. It puts things into perspective – micro-shifting is a great tool for many things, and even has the power to change your perspective. By consciously taking these deliberate baby steps consistently, we naturally become more mindful of our actions. Perhaps your goal was to manifest great wealth, when in fact all you wanted was to provide for your children’s future. Ultimately, it’s these small yet effective acts that move us closer to the truth of what we want.

5. It holds you accountable – with every small but mighty step, you are holding yourself accountable for your choices. Why is this important? By taking responsibility for your actions, you can learn to let go of the past and move forward. The fear and anxiety born from your previous mistakes can no longer hinder your progress. When we realize that we’re all just human, we can make that change within ourselves. By having the courage to show up in a more honest way, we are more likely to achieve the positive outcomes we seek.

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Get ready, get set, micro-shift!

There’s no time like the present to welcome micro-shifting into your life. There are no backwards steps! While some days may feel less productive than others, consistency is key. Even if that means opening the curtains and deciding to adopt a more positive outlook for the day. Whether it’s money, health or relationships, remember to dream with your eyes open. Micro-shifting can then help move you closer to your goal.

To find out more, my book ‘Money Game’ can help you call financial abundance into your life through the act of micro-shifting. Or why not tune into my podcast ‘Do It With Dan’ for further guidance on living an abundant, joyful and purpose-driven life?

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