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How Gratitude Can Help You Manifest a Life of Intention

What it truly means to feel gratitude

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Are you welcoming gratitude into your life? Channelled in the right way, and gratitude can help you manifest a life of intention – often beyond your wildest dreams! Yet if you’re struggling to understand what that looks like, you’re not alone. Akin to meditation and the many other pillars of ‘self-care’, the act of gratitude is something that’s bandied around a lot. Questions like: ‘what are you feeling grateful for today?’ and ‘have you written in your gratitude journal?’ are having the adverse effect. Instead, the ‘expectation’ often makes us feel that we should embody gratitude every day, and on every level – for the sake of our own mental wellbeing. So, what does gratitude truly mean? And how can it be used as a tool to get us what we want?

Feeling grateful is one thing…

…but how can we harness the power of gratitude alone to help us manifest a life of intention? If the last 18 months have taught us anything, they have – to some degree – changed our perspective on the world. Through both the good and the bad times, we’ve learnt not to take the fundamentals of life for granted; whether that be good health, food on the table, or the ability to spend time with friends and family. Feeling grateful helps us to maintain focus and stay grounded. Whatever life decides to throw at us – this isn’t a bad skill to have! Yet using gratitude to help us transform the path before us is something quite different. We can feel grateful for all the wonderful things that shape our lives, but real gratitude is achieved as a result of experience (and perhaps not the experiences you’d think).

From the darkest of places, gratitude can manifest light

If you hadn’t experienced what you’ve experienced, you wouldn’t be where you are – or who you are – today. Whether you realize it or not, gratitude plays a huge role on that journey. The ultimate affirmation of resilience ‘whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ couldn’t ring truer in this sense. Only through our negative experiences can we truly understand the gravity of gratitude, and its ability to propel us forward. I know this from my own personal experience of hitting rock bottom. If it hadn’t been for my learning some difficult lessons as a young entrepreneur (and losing what I’d worked hard to achieve twice in a row!) then I wouldn’t have manifested my Beyond Intention Paradigm. Had I not found myself contemplating the unthinkable, I would have pursued a different path entirely. While the road may have been smoother, I wouldn’t find myself in the privileged position I am today where – thanks to my negative experiences – I’m now able to help the lives of others.

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Connecting to our future through gratitude

Formed of four steps, my Beyond Intention Paradigm was born to help establish a level of conscious direction of our choices – and through that, the outcomes that show up in our lives. As one of those four defining steps, gratitude can help you manifest a life of intention. Through connecting to future possibilities, however out of reach they may seem, we can start to feel gratitude sooner on our quest. It’s about letting go of the negative ‘expectation’ of fear and connecting to those seemingly improbable, yet positive outcomes. This way, we are already on the road to making them a reality. By forging those connections through gratitude, we can truly learn to embody it. By feeling gratitude for the desired outcome before we come to experience it, we can use it to drive us closer to our end destination. As the fourth (yet extremely crucial) step of my program, it is – above all – gratitude that can help you manifest a life of intention.

A purpose-driven life calls to you

We all deserve to live a life of purpose, joy and abundance – and gratitude can help us get there! In the meantime, I hope to help you on your journey in any way I can. Whether you peruse my blog a little longer for inspiration, or you delve further into my teachings with one of my bestselling books. Featuring special guests every week, my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast is a great way to stay on track and stay motivated. You’ll also find me over on Facebook and Instagram where you’ll be first to hear about all my latest updates – as well as live coaching, Q&A sessions and so much more! For more guidance on how to change your internal programming, to attract greater abundance and experience greater freedom, please click on the link below for free access to my:

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