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How ‘Common Denominator Theory’ Can Help You Manifest Change

You are the author of change

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Ever felt like change was happening all around you, with little control over your day-to-day life? We all feel like this from time to time (we’re only human after all). But when we do, it can prove hard to leave this mental space. Not only does this compromise our mindset, but our future goals can seem even more out of our reach. But what if I told you that you (and only you) are in control of your reality? Contrary to what some may believe, nobody else is pulling the strings. While positive outcomes do happen by ‘chance’ once in a while, real change is fundamentally in your hands. Wealth, health and happy relationships all happen as a result of the choices you make. In this blog, we’ll explore how the ‘Common Denominator Theory’ can help you manifest change now, and in the future.

The change has to come from you

We’re all capable of manifesting change, but whether we’re committed to that change is another question! As a key principle that underpins most of my teachings today, I first came across Common Denominator Theory many years after my first brush with success. Having made two multi-million fortunes in my early twenties, I went on to lose them both in quick succession. The arrogance that comes with early success was to my detriment. Why should I have to change when I’ve forged this fortune off my own back (I once thought)! Yet reflecting on my journey many years later, I realized that yes, change indeed has to come from the original source: me. By changing the essence of myself and myself alone, all future scenarios I found myself in would be altered.

Regardless of where we are, who we meet, or how we feel – we are the one common experience within life’s tapestry at any given point. Get to grips with that fact, and you’re already back in the driver’s seat.

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What is the ‘Common Denominator Theory’?

The Common Denominator Theory is the understanding that you are the one thing that is present within every experience in your life. There is no other common denominator – not even the people, places and things you hold most dear. Regardless of how you look at the construct of reality or your spiritual/religious beliefs, it’s hard to deny the fact. Mathematically, if you want to manifest change, the most logical place to start is you. You are the pebble whose ripples have the power to make waves and effect change in every direction.  The Common Denominator Theory represents that fact alone. It’s about accepting that making a change in you is always going to have the widest impact.

Common Denominator Theory: everything that’s gone wrong starts with you

Whether consciously or unconsciously, this may be a hard thing to hear. But technically, you will always represent both the beginning and the end! From taking an action yourself to allowing others to take action in your experience, you are the common thread. Whatever has happened in your life – the good, the bad and the ugly – you have been, and will be, at the center. By taking responsibility for your actions in this way, you are entering the realization that you are in control of your decisions. Whatever has happened in your life up until this point is as a result of your actions. However, it’s also important to remember that these actions don’t define you. It’s what you do next that counts, and it’s never too late to manifest change in your life.

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Building a ‘better you’

You’ll hear a lot of people tell you how to ‘better yourself’ by being a certain away. But what really matters is being true to yourself, and making decisions from a place of honesty.  Only then can you manifest change that truly aligns with what you want to achieve. In the meantime, don’t underestimate the value of good mentors. Looking back at my journey, had I surrounded myself with the right people, my reality today would appear quite different. Yet that does mean I would have missed out on valuable lessons along the road. Self-awareness and acting consciously goes a long way on the road to manifestation. As the one common denominator in your narrative, have the courage to change from within, dream with your eyes open, and make the changes you want to see in your life.

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