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Bootlegging – Robbing Yourself of the Exchange

Believe in yourself enough, to make the full exchange!

Another blog for you all today, my beautiful, beautiful fellow travellers. I am so grateful for your engagement. It means the world to me and it also means that there is an energetic alignment between us, that is helping to channel our collective energy and create something truly incredible!

Today I want to talk about the folly of Bootlegging! 

I’m not sure where the term originates from. Being a Brit, my understanding of it is: engaging in illicit copyright infringement and/or dealing in the illegal manufacture, distribution or sale of goods. 

As those of you in the USA will probably know; it was a term often used in relation to the illegal trade in alcohol, during the prohibition era. “Rum Running” was another colloquial term for moving illegal booze. 

Today, the terms is used more in conjunction with copyright infringement. So all the way from fake Rolexes, handbags etc… to you ripping your mate’s DVD collection. 

In any event, the point is not where it comes from, it is what it represents and what it means for us energetically: if you aren’t willing to make the energetic exchange for something, you will not receive its benefit! 

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Every interaction is an exchange, when all said and done. Money is just stored labour so you’re just handing over yours in exchange for the fruits of someone else’s. Why do we expect to not have to commit to our end of the deal?

It may seem like a victimless ‘crime’ to borrow that guided meditation/course/program from your friend who paid for it, but you are robbing yourself! Your end of the exchange is paying for it, that’s what facilitates you getting the benefit of it. Without that, there is no energy exchange between you and what you’ve obtained. 

What you’re really saying to yourself, when you bootleg someone else’s material, is “I don’t believe in myself enough to make this investment in myself.” If that’s your energy going into said program/meditation/course, then you’re certainly not going to see the full benefit of it, and in all likelihood: no benefit at all. Followed by (of course):

Urgh…these courses never work. Why bother. I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. What a waste of time etc…

But you cut yourself off from the benefits of it in the first place!! And in the process, reenforced a negative, disempowering subconscious belief that is going to impact your results from future such endeavours. 

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Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Our physical world is made up of 99.9% energy. How we experience that, through our four senses is our truth, but it is not the truth. At least; not always. 

When we start short-cutting our interactions with a cheap-skate energy by bootlegging, we are also restricting the flow of energy in kind back to ourselves. You have created a short-fall in the energy that you have created, so it can’t come back as anything more than that. 

Remember: we are the authors and creators of our experience! We have to take full responsibility for our lives and what shows up in them. This is just another way in which we impact an outcome through how we show up!

My advice: 

  • Believe in yourself enough to make a full exchange. 
  • Have the integrity within yourself to honour the work that others have done and put out there.
  • Most importantly: remember that it’s all energy and it’s the exchange that facilitates the growth, expansion and transformation that we’re seeking. 

If you’re not going to do your part, in trying to get something for free: I can assure you that you will get next to nothing from it, and whatever you do receive will be short lived. 

It’s the nature of our reality and how we dance with it. Not through what we say or even what we do, but what we are. If we show up without integrity, we create a resonant reflection that also is not in integrity, and that’s not generally going to be to our benefit. 

We get what we are. 

That’s all my advice for you today. You can consciously choose an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life. It all starts with you and how you show up. 

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