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The Humility of Recognizing We’re Human

Humility means we’re open to growth

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While you may have heard it a lot this year, it’s true when they say: ‘you’re only human’. For this reason alone, it’s okay not to be okay; as a global community, it’s likely we’ll continue to face a world of unknowns for many years to come. It’s also in our very nature to make mistakes (which we continue to do now more than ever before)! Only through making them are we able to grow and expand. Contrary to the way our peers may choose to project their lives, we are all fighting our own battles. By facing these with honesty and integrity, we are recognizing we’re human. This gives us the power to effect real change within our reality.

I know this to be the case from my own personal challenges; from my late diagnosis of Asperger’s to losing two monumental fortunes as a young entrepreneur. While I found myself hitting rock bottom, my journey took an unexpected turn; I soon found myself ‘choosing life’ so that I could help others. As a result, I emerged the stronger teacher, mentor and person I am today. And I’m still on my own path to growth! Rather than live up to the false expectation of who we’re ‘meant’ to be, humility can go a long way in our search for a life of purpose.

We all have something to contribute

It may be something we’ve put on hold, but by postponing our own journey of personal development, we are resisting growth. At times of crisis, it’s natural that we put the needs of others before our own. Yet by doing that for prolonged periods of time, the act of taking the first step becomes seemingly harder; especially as the weeks and months go by. In a world driven by competition, it can also seem that we as individuals have nothing of value to contribute towards society. But that just isn’t the case! From the moment we are born, I believe that we all have something to contribute. Everyone’s gift counts, and it’s that something within us that signals what we’re able to offer the world. If that one thing (or many things) is still unclear however, it’s by holding ourselves accountable and learning from others that we may one day find it in the most unexpected of ways.

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Why honest mentorship matters

We all need guidance, and seeking it out in its various forms makes us stronger, not weaker. With so many ‘fake’ mentors and gurus out there however, it can be hard to know where to turn. While it’s easy to become starstruck by the seemingly perfect mentor who never put a foot wrong in life – they are of no use to you! As someone who mentors others but also receives mentorship myself, I can tell you that the main benefit of a mentor is to learn from their mistakes. By bettering our wider knowledge of the world through our mentors, we are filling ourselves up, and thus able to show up more effectively in other areas of our life. By doing so, we are making ourselves available for growth. When someone new enters my world – whether they’re reading my content, listening to my podcast or doing a program – they are benefitting from the knowledge gained from my experience. Recognizing we’re human plays a huge role in honest mentorship and, once you find that person, always seek their most honest and transparent opinion. You never know where it may lead!

Recognizing we’re human is just beginning!

This is not a rehearsal; we only have one life, and I’m here to help you feel a sense of purpose while living it! Here, you’ll find lots of resources to get you started – from my regular blog to my bestselling books for a deeper understanding of my practice. For words of wisdom from a whole host of other mentors, my popular podcast ‘Do It With Dan’ is updated with new episodes every Friday! However you wish to harness the power of mentorship, I hope my experience can help you embrace growth for a more purpose-driven, joyful and abundant future.

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