Everything I do leads to the fulfilment of my mission and the realization of my Mission Statement

Part of my Dream is that we live in a world where nothing stands in the way of Dreamers living their Dreams.

Over the last ten years I have shared the Beyond Intention Paradigm with people who use the tools to navigate challenges of all types and nature. 

Check out the testimonials of people from all over the world who have come to our workshops and events, been coached by myself or one my team, or taken one of our online programs to see for yourself the sort of shifts and change possible with Beyond Intention.

I firmly believe that the Beyond Intention paradigm makes the world a better place. 

Beyond Intention is giving people back the keys to their own lives so that they might live a life of true, joyful purpose.

Beyond Intention has helped me and clients deal with everything from relationship breakups, anxiety and business decisions; to stress, anger management and procrastination. It can be applied to all of the blocks we have that limit us.  

By having a structured system to cut through the internal impediments – including those that exist in response to external factors – those who apply the Beyond Intention paradigm have a simple formula that can bring them to a place in their life where joy is the new norm.

Beyond Intention Paradigm


: Accept -Mindset

We are the common denominator in our lives; if we want a definitive change then “within” is a good place to start. True power comes from accepting the power to effect real change in the direction of our life through the choices we make and accepting responsibility for the outcomes.



: Clear - Action

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form.” Clearing is the active process of performing exercises to cut ties with the mental, emotional and often physical baggage of the past to push through loops and stuck states by transmutation as opposed to the normal practice or resistance and avoidance.



: Gratitude - Way of life

“Faith is the natural feeling of expectancy – whether for the good or the bad”, and gratitude is the most powerful tool for creating a positive expectancy. Our lives are a reflection of the things we have created by expecting them to happen and we have the power over what that narrative can be for our lives.



: Listen - Reflection and observation

No matter what voices you read, watch or listen to, unless you learn to hear yourself you will not be able to identify where the weeds are to pull them up. Very rarely does change hold unless it is acknowledged and celebrated, and progress can be celebrated or acknowledged unless we take the time out to witness it.