Dan is a coach, entrepreneur, speaker and author.

His passion is to inspire and empower people to live the life of their dreams. He uses his Beyond Intention paradigm, a four-step system designed to change lives, to provide a framework for professional and personal transformation. 

Dan uses the Time Mastery tools he teaches in his book, From Time to Time, to increase productivity and teach others how to create the time they need to do the things that are important to them. 

In his charismatic and unique way Dan incorporates teachings on inspired team work, communication and the importance of alignment with company mission. He uses the power of creating personal leverage and coherence technologies that encourage a flow state to motivate others to peak performance. 

Here’s what others say about Dan: “I am so ecstatic to have experienced Dan’s teachings.  I highly recommend this work to anyone who is interested in transforming their life.”  “Dan teaches in a way that makes it real and easily applicable in everyday life.” “Dan is the real deal!”

Brenda is a certified life coach and entrepreneur

She serves as the DreamerHQ COO. Brenda spent 25 years in the real estate industry in sales, training, as a sales coach, office leader and owner who also created a leadership development program designed to train and incubate future leaders. She also worked for a non-profit association in member services and leadership development. She is a strong communicator and is often complimented by how she takes complex ideas and makes them easy to understand and implement. 

Brenda’s is excellent at developing people by improving their interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence includes the skills of self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and relationship-management. When people understand how to cultivate and implement these powerful tools, they are better team members, employees, sales people and leaders. 

Brenda’s style is engaging and entertaining while breaking down concepts and ideals into pragmatic skills and giving people the tools to implement them.

Here’s what people say about Brenda’s presentations: “I couldn’t have been happier. Brenda was amazing and I learned so much!”  “Brenda was very clear in giving actionable items for me to implement.”  “Brenda was very attentive, listened well and kept the class engaged.”
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