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Dealing With Fear

What is fear really? 

What is going on in our brains when we experience fear?

Not just that; but it starts to believe that what you have planned next is so big, that it won’t be able to handle it. It is beyond the perceived edge of what is possible or acceptable.

A lot of times, what we consider to be fear is just the mind saying:

“Err…we’re supposed to be doing things this way and what you’re attempting is outside of that” 

and so it shuts it down. This inevitably leads to self-sabotage, procrastination and so on…

Now, there’s a really simple hack that I want to share with you, that avoids that kind of “shut-down” in the face of fear.


Micro-Shifting is a term that I coined, but I’m sure it’s not a technique I can really lay claim to in its entirety. Nevertheless; I have spent the last ten years developing it, fine tuning it and getting to grips with how we can break things down in to more manageable steps. 

What is the minimum-deliverable that we can achieve comfortably? 

Do it. Celebrate it. Move on. 

Why celebrate it? This is really crucial in anchoring, within your belief system, a positive emotional association. 

Emotionally celebrate each micro shift as though you have achieved your goal. 

The aim being: that you want to train your brain to know, emotionally, what it will feel like to have attained your desired outcome, and thus remove the fear around being in that state.

Once you’re there emotionally, it’s just a matter of time. 

Emotionally celebrate each micro shift as though you have achieved your goal. 

SO instead of trying to deal with fear as a whole, just ask yourself: “what easy baby-step can I take, in the direction of what I’m choosing to experience?” Do it, celebrate the hell out of it and move on. 

Do this consistently and before you know it you will be exactly where you have chosen to be! 

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