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Magic pills and other BS

Did you laugh at this pic? I sure did!

But behind the laughter is a dark truth that over the years, has become ever more evident a fantasy that many just after.

That truth?

That someone or something will magically change your life for you…

As a society, we appear to be descending in ever increasing droves into the idea that it is something outside of us that will save us, more so, that this saviour will come in a way that won’t ruffle any feathers.

The actual truth?

Change in your life can only come from a change in you. Everything you are experiencing right now is a reflection of where you are at inside, right now.

The good news?

You have all the power within you, right now, to create a complete change in your outer experience, right now.

This gift however, is not without cost.

That cost?

Your current stories. Your current beliefs. MAYBE your current circle of friends and associations; all of the things that make up who you are right now.

But is that such a bad thing?

All of those things are contributing to the blueprint that is perpetuating the very thing you claim (at a conscious level at least) to want to change… So why not let it go?

If it was THAT easy, then everyone would be doing it…

I know, and that is where the dark truth comes in. It is simple/straightforward but by no means always easy.


Because your mind has spent an entire lifetime building a sense of self around these stories and beliefs.

Even if you are only 15 years old, then you have spent 15 years learning to be the person that you are today. Making the choice to break free from those old patterns may well be one of the biggest undertakings of your entire life.

I am so thankful for the people, places and things that have been my teachers and support over the last nearly 20 years. Without them, the road to living the purpose driven, deliberately abundant and blessed life I live today may well have taken a lot longer and been a lot harder.

They say that the best lessons are those we get from the experience of others – I agree with that whole heartedly, and am so honoured to have the privilege of supporting people also coming to make the choice in where they are on the inside and through that, what shows up for them on the outside.

The model I created and use to do this, Beyond Intention, calls you to recognize that you and you alone have the power to create your life and you exercise this power every moment, whether consciously or unconsciously.

On September 15th I finally, after 11 years and countless drafts, release the book that guides you through this process and how best to bring it into your life.

Because I want to maximise the reach of this work, I am making the book available via Amazon Kindle for just $1 on the day of release instead of the standard price.

All who take this step for themselves and make this investment in their future will also be eligible to get the paperback for half price, and will receive the audiobook of my last book, ”The Dreamer’s Manifesto” completely free.

(Get a reminder on the release date over at www.dreamwithdan.com/books)

As part of a free online event that day, I will be offering coaching, live q&a and bringing on some special guests to support me in supporting you in learning how to apply Beyond Intention to deliberately bring more abundance into your finances, relationships and health, taking back ownership of the driving seat of your life.

Until we meet (albeit digitally) September 15th, I invite you to begin taking time as you go about your day to ask yourself just two questions:

1. Am I being deliberate in choosing the outcome aligned with where I am internally here in this moment.

2. Am I taking full responsibility for where I am internally here in this moment.

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