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Understanding How Alignment Works

You’re here – the stars have aligned!

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Hello wonderful readers, I hope the sun is shining down on you! With spring in full swing, I can feel real change in the air. From money to our colleagues to our partners, I’m here to help you seek joy in those relationships. And I’m not talking about a ‘quick fix’ to a problem. It’s my mission to help you embrace ‘mind over matter’. I want you to feel empowered to lead a purpose-driven life for the rest of your days. The power of the mind is a sacred thing. Once you’ve mastered that, the actions that follow will only help you manifest what you desire in abundance! Today, I’d like to explore how alignment works and why it can help you edge closer to your dreams.

How alignment works – where do I start?

I talk about alignment a lot, and for good reason! Without alignment, we risk floating through space. Without alignment, we are driftwood with no clear destination in sight. Understanding how alignment works is of course one thing, but putting it into practice is another! For us to understand this fully, there are a number of elements we must first consider. Let’s begin with the emotional state that we hold as human beings. This emotional state is the first point of contact with our vibrational frequency. Otherwise known as our ‘vibe’ (for those who speak that language)! Next, we have our unconscious narratives; our belief systems, our stories. We then have the habits and behaviors we embody, and the physical environment we find ourselves in. When combined, all of these things shape what we are experiencing in our lives – even in this very moment! As our mind is led by our emotional state, the process of alignment must begin here. It all starts with the power of the mind.

Mind over matter

The landscape of the mind is dictated by our emotional state, like our physical reality is by our mental state. If we want something, we have to think thoughts and hold beliefs to support the choices that will receive it. To think those thoughts, we must hold that emotional state that allows them to be present within our experience. As much as I respect all that ‘woo-woo’ stuff, happiness will not fall into our laps without us taking action. We can meditate on these things, sure – but alignment goes beyond that. Similarly, if we believe in our hearts that something is impossible, then we have already made it so. Alignment, therefore, is about bringing all those elements together to match the intention that we have for our lives.

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How alignment works to move you closer

So, how can we use alignment to move us closer to what we want? The answer is, quite simply, one step at a time! It’s worth remembering that no two people in the history of the world have ever trodden the same path. We’re all on a different trajectory – even to our closest friends and family members! While it’s easy to compare ourselves to others, this only threatens to hinder us further. You could argue that the ‘cookie cutter’ doesn’t exist for this very reason. How you choose to dance with the universe is dictated by your own unique experiences. This even comes down to the language you use or the words that have the most profound impact on you. The inputs I require to overcome my limiting beliefs will be different to yours; this even includes the meaning we attach to things. When it disrupting our thoughts, our own personal experiences will also dictate how we go about it.

Building a relationship with your reality

By working on that relationship with ourselves from a conscious place, we can disrupt the path before us the way we see fit. We can begin to do this by:

  1. Spending more time in an environment that’s conducive to the thoughts and emotions related to what we desire.
  2. Ensuring we populate our environments with things that support the choices, habits and behaviors that lead to our creating things.

No two people will reach the same outcome in the same way. If we all followed each other’s lead, the majority of us would be living someone else’s story. Whether it’s practicing yoga, meditating in the mountains or even simply enjoying a cup of coffee! Everyone has their own path to connecting with that part within themselves. This goes on to allow them to expand and realize those opportunities. By cultivating that relationship with ourselves, we can get to know the ideal conducive state that allows us to create.

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Maintaining that space of coherence

Meditation is not for everyone, but it works for me; it’s why I choose to start and end my day with it! I know ‘me’ well enough by now to know that it allows me to create that conducive environment. In between those acts of practice, it also empowers me to live more joyfully and abundantly. It allows me to consciously maintain that sense of peace. This has proven a powerful tool, given the times we now face! By knowing what my limits are, and where I need to up my resources, I can be consistent. By practicing this on a conscious level, I can truly feel aligned with the path set out before me.

Rise and align!

That’s all, folks! I could talk about alignment all day. For now – I challenge you to start on your own quest for alignment. To help you live a purpose-driven life of joy and abundance, you’ll find further reading right here on my blog. If you’re out running or busy in the kitchen, my podcast provides a great alternative when learning on the move. To expand your knowledge, my popular titles delve further into all manner of subjects; from alignment through to inviting financial abundance into your life. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and thank you again for visiting!

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