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Beyond Intention Paradigm: Owning the Gift of Gratitude

Gratitude – it’s a hard thing to come by nowadays.

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Despite what we may think, it’s likely that a true sense of gratitude is not ‘experienced’ by the majority of us until we reach a certain destination in our minds. But what if I said you could change all of that, and start owning the gift of gratitude – not in a few weeks, months or years down the line, but now in this very moment?

As something that’s close to my heart, I talk about gratitude regularly – further exploring it through my daily practice. So here, I’d like to delve further by adding clarity to what I already cover within my bestselling book Stepping Beyond Intention, and my YouTube/Facebook series which also covers elements of the Beyond Intention Paradigm

What role does gratitude play in helping you lead a more purpose-driven life?

With recent events affording us moments to reflect on life’s journey thus far, I find myself transported back to a time before I created the paradigm. What was it that drove me to its construction, for example, and how has it evolved over these past ten years or so? You may also wonder this: how can I apply the Beyond Intention Paradigm in order to live a more abundant existence? 

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Let us understand more about owning the gift of gratitude. We’re all aware of this feeling of appreciation. The majority of us will indeed have felt it to a certain degree (especially given these trying times). But how is this viewed precisely within Beyond Intention? I compare it to the path I followed before the paradigm. This charted a different course: vision, purpose, faith, gratitude. Within this model, gratitude was something that was left until last – or something felt ‘after’ the fact. In contrast to this, by following the Beyond Intention Paradigm, gratitude is now something we connect to before that event. 

We can learn to step into a space of gratitude before we witness the outcome

Have you ever thought of gratitude not as a destination, but as a starting point where the creation of things actually happens? In Beyond Intention, we’re connecting with an outcome before we even witness it. As part of the step-by-step process Beyond Intention guides us through, we must carry out the following:

  1. Get our minds right
  2. Wipe the slate clean
  3. Step into the frequency of what we really want to create

But what is the reason we’re able to do this before reaching the ‘end result’? The answer is right in front of you:

Everything is already happening right now. 

The quantum model invites us to observe the fact that everything is happening in the here and now. Time is not a linear function. It is simply a collective agreement we humans use to map out and experience things in a linear way. The future that you are looking towards in order to experience that outcome does not exist. All opportunities/experiences/outcomes are already in existence, here in the now.

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And because these things are already in existence within the here and the now, you can – through owning the gift of gratitude – hope to connect with them gratefully. Before witnessing that wonderful moment on the horizon, you can mentally rehearse and connect with it in your mind – and find the gratitude you seek within that connection. 

Everything is just a story that we either choose to believe in, or not

If you don’t agree with what’s discussed here for example, it’s not going to work for you. If you don’t believe that things already exist within the here and now, owning the gift of gratitude sooner is not going to edge you closer to where you want to be.

And for those of you still on the fence?

It is through that expression of gratitude in the Beyond Intention Paradigm that you can truly start to experience it in your life. In Beyond Intention, we step into the emotional state that we would feel in the scene of that finished creation.

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When you envision your happiest, healthiest self for example, what emotions are you feeling in that moment? If it’s a relationship, what is your emotional state when spending time with that loved one? Or if it’s wealth, what is your emotional state when that money is finally yours? It is within these experiences in the now that we can express gratitude for being in that state simultaneously.

Gratitude is not about saying ‘thank you’ afterwards – that’s called “being thankful

People often get gratitude confused with being thankful (this is of course not a bad thing)! Nor is gratitude the elation felt after something has been created – from the first draft of novel to the birth of a child; that’s called celebration. With gratitude, we must acknowledge that it is already here and through connecting with that experience, we are able to feel it within the here and the now. 

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By doing this, the cognitive connection to that experience begins to call it in. But why does this happen? The law of vibration states that we can only experience what we are vibrationally matched to. By building a bridge between where we are now and the emotional state in the finished ideal, we place ourselves on a trajectory to experience just that.

The second you set the intention, the outcome became real for you

Once we’ve stepped into that space, it’s no longer a question of ‘if’. The only thing standing between you and that experience are the stories of how long, and when; the outcome has already become a physical reality you can connect to. With gratitude, all we are doing is acknowledging the fact that it’s already here – without the need to connect to an unknown future. It already exists as a quantum potential for us to connect to. How it comes to us will depend on our stories and beliefs, and while the path may seem to wind far, far ahead – the experience is already here. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for stopping by! Why not try stepping into that emotional experience right now, and owning the gift of gratitude today?

You can learn more about the Beyond Intention Paradigm right here – whether it’s exploring the blog, reading my books, or paying my podcast a visit. Or if you’re looking to set your intentions, my free 5-step tool could point you in the right direction. 

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Until then, keep dreaming with your eyes open, and remember it is within your power to live an abundant, joyful life!

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